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welcome to UC Santa Cruz in the Baskin
school of engineering I’m Tracy Larrabee I’m a professor of computer science and
engineering and I’m also the associate dean of undergraduate affairs in the
School of Engineering computer science often called CS is the study of how
computing systems work this encompasses computer programming which is what most
people think of first but also the tools needed for building new software mobile
apps operating systems and webpages learning to write programs is like
learning to write essays it’s a tool needed to build and try new ideas that
will ultimately impact society the foundational courses also include a
mathematical understanding of algorithms and methods that allow these systems to
work efficiently most practicing computer scientists spend almost as much
time talking to other people about what should be built and how to build it the
best way as they do writing code how exactly does an artificial intelligence
algorithm work what does it actually mean if the algorithm provides a
specific result how does your voice-activated home assistant
understand what you’re saying is there a security algorithm that will let you buy
things on the internet but keep your credit card safe can we build systems
that help the blind navigate better why doesn’t the internet crash under the
load of 2 billion people all watching movies at once how big is the disk drive
to store all those movies anyway and how do we make all of these computations
faster less expensive and greener graduates with CS degrees work for
technology companies as well as banks movie studios
self-driving car companies environmental organizations and just about anyone else
any organization that has a need for a unique usage of computers will
ultimately need some customized computer software to accomplish those needs you
might build a system used by millions of customers an internal tool used by just
one company or a specialized solution for a tiny nonprofit making the world
better job titles typically include software engineer software analyst data
scientist IT administrator and web applications engineer
computer science consistently has more job growth than graduates and is always
in the list of top paying and most easily employed majors some graduates of
computer science programs move on to explore advanced degrees masters or PhD
all CS students participate in course based projects many students will find
paid internships during summer motivated students will have an opportunity to
work in a research lab on campus do an independent study project or write a
senior thesis the CS major is large and impacted students must apply to CS at
the time of admissions students who stay informed by reading our weekly
newsletter are more likely to be able to register for their needed courses in
their preferred order our school has resources for your many interests in
engineering with over 20 student organizations speaker series hackathons
and research talks we have an office of undergraduate affairs with peer and
professional advisors to help you with your path we’re looking forward to your
joining the Baskin school of engineering

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