Computer Science Teachers Speak Out!

♪ MUSIC ♪ What I find most exciting about being a computer science teacher is that – …computer science, in particular, impacts all students’ lives. Technology has really become an indispensible part of their life. The new curriculums that we’re using allow the students to show their creativity. Kids really challenge them to think for themselves. And if you’re a musical student or more of a physical student or anything, there is a way to learn computer science. It’s a new language that we have to acquaint students with. It’s a language that is going to be the language of the future. What I really like about it is that it is an empowering skill to have. It empowers them to look into society and societal problems. They learn things because they want to know to be able to write their program. Computer science teaches the problem solving, the troubleshooting, the communication skills necessary. You just become this knower of the world around you at a higher and deeper level. I have students who have actually told me the course that I taught them changed their lives. It’s relevant and it’s up-to-date and it is the future. ♪ MUSIC ♪

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