Computer Science Degree – Minot State University

My name is Mario Dujmovik I am junior from Zagreb, Croatia
engineer the people here are
really friendly especially compared to people that I saw a bigger cities the
community is a little bit smaller and a lot
friendlier all the professors that I had so far everybody would go out of their way to
help me out that is something that I appreciate the
most for computer science programs I met some
really nice and cool people here we’ve tend to
help each other out with classes we hang out sometimes out of the class putting your hands on actual electronic
materials you get to experience and you start to
understand every that you learned in theaory better
well my dream job would be application developer one day there is big in need of people
that are programmers computer engineers
especially for example North Dakota has been growing there’s a lot of Job
opportunities and I have some friends that already work for oil companies and railroads and they’ve been making me good money My name is Elizabeth Meyer Iam from here (Minot) this area I am a senior in computer science with the also major and math already have a
job for graduation at digi-key and Minnesota so that is exciting I’m very happy they decide to come here just more practical stuff and too
other things that that was really good players when I first met with my advisor he
actually formed kinda burden impromptu internship
about actual hardware the computers that it’s
a small department you know everybody in its a litle more
friendly in that sense as well teachers know is really nice and hope
you with anything even if it has absolutely nothing to do with college I
just love this department

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