Computer Science – BSc (Hons) – University of Kent

I chose my course because though
originally I was going to go for Electrical Engineering, Computer Science seemed to have a lot more options available to it not just because
of the course itself but also what was happening in the wider world. A recent
piece of work I did that I found particularly interesting was when I was learning
about integrated systems and embedded devices and we were given a circuit
board which was meant to mimic a greenhouse system. We then took in all
the bits of data which were coming from that greenhouse and then had to develop
it and pass it so that it was something that a farmer could actually use and
that was particularly interesting because not only did you have to think
about how best to present data to someone who’s not technically literate
but also you had to figure out how that data and what it actually means. So the
course is structured with the first year giving you a baseline level of knowledge
bringing everyone up to the same standard then the second year expands on
that knowledge with the same modules getting given to everyone across the
year then in the third year you get to really specialise by selecting your
modules and then picking and choosing what pathway you really want to go down.
So the different types of learning styles available range from the lectures
which tend to be the wider range of the topic and giving you a broad piece of
information which are normally then recorded so you can double-check and
review them in your own time then you go on to the seminars or the workshops or
the classroom sessions which can either be a table round discussion and then going
into terminal sessions where you might actually be working on the computers
doing worksheets alongside a seminar leader. The main piece of advice I’d give
to any student wanting to come and study at Kent is to first of all get
practicing any random bits of coding you want to do and also get involved with
everything the university has to offer the worst thing that can happen is that
you have to say no to a couple of bits and pieces.

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