Computer Science at UVic

An undergrad in computer science enables
you to take the things that you learn in university and bring them into any field
in the world. There are basically no limits to where this technology can go
and it’s used in almost every industry. You could work for transportation, you
could work for the medical industry, you could work for government. Everything is
becoming digital and everything is being impacted by computer science
technologies. What I love about computer science is the problem-solving aspects
and that it’s challenging but it’s ultimately rewarding. Computer science
is really a medium for problem solving because there’s all these problems out
there that you want to come up with solutions for and it’s great if you have
math and physics to do all these problems but you can actually implement
your solutions with computer science. UVic get gives a lot of opportunities
with the career fairs, with co-op, with all the clubs at UVic. Clubs and student organizations are important because they give you a platform to
contribute. There’s a lot of people who come here
from all over the world to study at UVic and I think it’s really great for
everybody’s perspective. I was able to through computer science flesh out the skills that I would need in industry and apply them to actual applications that
help people with their everyday lives or in medical situations or any kind of
thing like that. So if you want to have a positive impact through your work on the
world then computer science is a great place to start.

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