Classic Muscle Case Study: SEO and Web Design

This is John Locke from Lockdown Design. I want to show you something really quick. This is both a website design and SEO case
study for Classic Muscle, which is an auto body shop here in Sacramento with a twist. They only specialize in doing American muscle
cars that were made before 1975. They’re basically a classic restoration shop. One thing that I want to show you really quick
is we’re in an incognito window right now. Basically this means that when you’re in incognito
mode, it’s not tracking any of the sites that you searched before, anything that you clicked
before, so this is just raw data. Mind you, Google does collect all that information
on you, and so your results are going to vary, depending on where you are when you’re searching
local and what you searched before, so this is why we want to search incognito mode. Anyway, Sacramento classic car restoration,
this was his key money term and something that I want to show you here. I’m actually in Elk Grove, which is south
of Sacramento here, so in the map, you’re going to see a little bit different stuff. These are kind of the main competitors, ET
Muscle Cars and Gearhead Garage, but one thing that you’re going to notice is Classic Muscle
is ranking right behind Yelp. Gearhead Garage owned the number one spot
up here for a long time. Classic Muscle actually only had their website
debut maybe year ago, and for about five or six months, it was just a place holder, like
saying �Site coming soon�. We built their site, did a little bit of basic
link building, optimized their site for user-friendliness, making it mobile friendly. Most of these other car sites are not mobile
friendly and they’re not user friendly. With that, he got above all his competitors
in organic search. Something else that I want to show here too,
vintage car restoration, let’s search for that and there he is right there in the map,
Classic Muscle. He’s in the top three, so let’s go ahead and
click through to that and see the actual site. I want to see the actual site. Let’s go the website. Anyway, this is the site that we built for
him. Basically, picture of a Shelby GT here, in
the top banner image here. There’s a bunch of different stuff here: about
us, the shop, service images, builds, testimonials, stuff like that, so there’s different things
here. Services, build some projects, it leads to
a bunch of albums. One thing I want to show you here, Builds
and Projects, let’s take a look. We’ve got the different projects and we want
to make this as simple as possible using the tools that he had at his disposal. Basically, he was already using a lot of Facebook
albums, so we just went with that. We just said, “Let’s make it to where you
can embed Facebook albums.” Lots of works in progress here and a lot of
finished projects, let’s take a look at this one: ’69 Chevelle, just take a look at that
really quick. If you go to this page, again this is like
a lot better than some of the competition out there. And again, that’s why it’s ranking so high. He’s actually getting a lot of business from
this. Basically, if they want to click on an image
here into Facebook, we set up a little light box where people can just browse the Facebook
album. They can just see everything. A lot of people spend a lot of time on this
and the dwell time on pages like this really accounts for Google ranking stuff higher,
that the longer that people sit on your page, the more they interact with it, the more that
Google says, “Okay, people are really into this site,” so anyway, he’s also got YouTube
videos here showing the engine firing up, the exhaust and stuff like that. These are all YouTube videos, so that also
helps to [keep people on the page]. That’s pretty smart, I think, so forward thinking
there. That’s really good. The rest of it, About Us, like I said, they’re
right outside of Sacramento. They’re in Carmichael. They have a little shop there. They’re doing really good. They’re actually booked all the way up through
the end of 2017 and we’re right here in July, so the SEO’s doing really good for them. One other thing I want to show you with this. Take a look here at Yelp. I’m just going to show you this right here. Like I said, there’s certain industries where
you do a little bit of SEO and you’re going to get really far, but a lot of people just
don’t do the SEO, so anyway, I guess this one’s filtered out now, because it was from
out of town. Let’s take a look at this one. This one got filtered out, again because it
was from Portland, Oregon. Yelp, this was actually live on Yelp as of
last week, but Yelp doesn’t like when there’s no photo, and where they only leave one review,
and they’re out of town. Anyway, I just want to make this point here
and read this, what this review says. This guy came from out of town, from Portland,
Oregon. He was driving to Sacramento. He can’t say enough good things about Classic
Muscle, drives a ’67 Lincoln Continental, and he’s got 60 miles north of Sacramento
and the alternator light went on and I guess he googled for classic car service or something
and he found Classic Muscle on the web. I want to highlight that right there. He made it to Sacramento, found Classic Muscle
on the web and he got serviced, like I said. Being found on the web, being in the top results
there really does make a difference, brings business in the door, so that’s just this
case study on Classic Muscle. They’re doing pretty good. Like I said, they’re beating out their competition. They’re fully booked. So building their website, and doing a little
bit SEO work for them, it’s really paid off a lot of dividends and it’s allowed them to
grow and expand, going into their second year of being a business, so there you go. Any questions, you can hit me up: [email protected]
is my email, or you can reach out to me. Go to the contact page on,
and thanks.

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