Chinese police forcefully enter woman’s home and arrest her for internet posts

[Woman] What’s going on?? [Police] Take your ID out. [Police] We’re coming in to look around a bit. [Woman] I don’t have my ID here. [Police] What’s your name? [Police] What is your identification number? [Woman says her name; inaudible] [Police] You’re the one we’re looking for. [Woman] Why are you coming to my home this late? What’s going on? [Police] You come with us and we’ll discuss it. [Woman] Why should I? [Police] Because we’re the police. [Woman] So just like that you can take people away for no reason? [Police] Yeah — so what? [Woman] Do you have any identification? [Police] What ID do you want? [Woman] Or an arrest warrant?? [Police] We’re not arresting you now, we just want to have a chat, OK? [Police] We want you to come to the station with us. [Woman] On what basis? [Police] On what basis? We’ll tell you in the station. [Woman] I need the reason now. [Police] I don’t have to tell you now. [Woman] So why would I go with you? [Police] So do you think the three of us can’t take you away? [Woman] You’re illegally entering a citizen’s residence! [Police] This isn’t illegal. [Woman] Then show me proof of this, I’ll take a look. [Police] What kind of evidence do we need? [Police, largely inaudible] We’ll take you to the police station and show you, no problem. [Woman] Why do you want to interrogate me? I haven’t broken any law. [Police] So what were you up to online? [Woman] What I was doing online?? [Police; inaudible] [Police] What did you post online? [Woman] What did I post? I didn’t post anything. [Police] You didn’t publish anything? Then come with us. [Woman] Why should I? [Police] How dare you!? [and says her name, which is inaudible] [Police mumbling, shouting: ‘Cooperate, cooperate!’ [Woman] How can you just come in like that? [Police shouts] Are you gonna cooperate or not? [Police inaudible; demands she cooperate; says they’re going to take her away.] [Police shouts] Either you come with us or we’ll force you! [Woman] What is going on here? [Police crosstalk] Just cooperate. We’re doing an investigation. [Woman] I didn’t break the law! [Police interrupts] You’re not the one who decides whether you broke the law! [Police] What nonsense did you write online? [Woman] So many of you breaking into my home… [Police] Take her away! [Police] Don’t reason with her! [Police directs his colleague to drag her out] [Woman] All of you breaking into the house of a woman, what’s going on here? [Police] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. [Woman] What are you doing?! [Woman] What is this? How can you do this? [Woman] I have absolutely no sense of safety. [Woman] Why?! [Woman] You’re breaking the law! [Woman] This is against the law. [Police] We’re enforcing the law, not breaking the law. [Police] I hope you’ll cooperate with our investigation.


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