Chad Weber on How Public Safety Broadband Can Help Rural Law Enforcement

I’m Chad Weber, public information officer
for the Northeast region for FWC 911 911 was the biggest thing we’ve had
United States for a long time. Personally I was in the United States Marine Corps so that means a lot to me Being able to talk to multiple agencies in such big disasters it’s a big priority because a lot of
people are operating on their own talk groups or radios and you can’t hear what
everybody else is doing. It would make it a lot easier if you can coordinate especially
in a big event such as that to know where fire and ems are as well as police. FirstNet would be able to help us in our day-to-day I know we’re talking about
big disasters such as 911 but day-to-day calls when we’re dealing with people
that are offshore, off the coast of Florida. If were able to talk with
Coast Guard or other responding agencies such as the local deputies or the
sheriff’s office or even municipalities So if I had full strength bars on my
phone or even my radio or my laptop and my truck, it would make my job a lot easier especially in the rural areas that FWC patrols. We do encounter people out
there and sometimes it is an officer safety issue Working with Florida Fish and
Wildlife, most of our officers patrol by themselves so are our backup could be
sometimes over an hour away. So having the ability to make contact with
dispatch, let them know where you’re at or even making a simple phone call would be great for us when you’re out here sometimes it’ll put your mind at ease knowing that somebody knows where you’re at and there there possibly
coming if you need backup, and you can see what kind of dilemma you would have
if somebody was going to back you up local police departments usually don’t
have access to a boat to come back you up so if you’re out here by yourself, communication is paramount

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