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A Day in the Internet

Hi. Have you ever thought about what happens in a day on the Internet? Let’s have a look! (intonation not interrogative, should be inviting: as if saying, Come right in!) In a day, zero point six-six exobytes of data are sent over the Internet. Is that a little or a lot? ha! That’s enough to

The Internet Wants (IPF Concept Trailer 2016)

Think about it… people go into strangers’ homes, sleep in strangers’ beds, it’s already creepy. Ya, but everyone loves the sharing economy, everyone but our shareholders I guess. Pierce, you’re the heir to the largest hotel chain in the world. You can do something about it, if you stop pissing away your marketing budget on

Become A Computer Science Teacher

There’s so many computer science jobs out there that are not being filled. So the more computer science teachers we have in our school systems the more students we will be able to reach. And getting past that initial fear of what computer sciences is, is what’s gonna change the whole field of computer science.