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Les Règles de l’Internet (1 à 33) – MN!#6

[♫ Jingle épique d’Anonymous ♫] Nous sommes Anonymous. Nous sommes légion. Nous ne pardonnons pas. Nous n’oublions pas. Redoutez-nous. Nous sommes ici pour vous apprendre quelles sont les règles auxquelles vous devez adhérer, vous qui utilisez Internet sans y chercher un sens. Nous vous avertissons que ceux d’entre vous qui ne les respecteront pas subiront


(dial-up internet connecting) – (Ian) SHUT UP!!! – Dude, Becky Johnson just poked me on Facebook. – Becky from high school? Why is she poking you? I thought people stopped doing that ten years ago. How creepy would it be if someone you hadn’t seen in forever just walked up to you and poked you

Teaching Computer Science to All

The session today is about computing for all. And obviously it has intersections with the last panel and the panels earlier. And the way I interpret it is to mean, teach computer science very broadly across disciplines, across different stages of education, and across geographies. So well, I guess I forgot to tell you who