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2015 Web Development Portfolio Show

[music plays throughout] [Bernie Monette] Uh, behind me are all the students from Humber’s Web Development program, which is an Ontario post-graduate certificate. And it’s our annual show, where the students get to show off their work to people from the industry. [Brittany] We’re all showcasing the works that we’ve made throughout the year, um,

How to Restart Your Router

Have you ever experienced slow speeds, frequent disconnects, or wireless issues? If so, today we will walk you through several easy steps to restarting your modem you don’t have to be a tech geek to do this it’s an easy process that anyone can do and it will usually resolve any connection problems you may

Google Docs in Plain English

Home is where we keep the things we need. Whether it’s a lawn mower or a coffee pot, it has a home in our lives. Of course, our documents are no different. For years, they’ve lived on our computers. Each person has their own computer-based home for documents. When we need to share a document,

Adobe Muse Уроки | 16. Резиновые сайты в Adobe Muse CC (2016) (responsive web design)

Всем привет, дорогие друзья. Дмитрий Шаповалов снова на связи. Сегодняшний видеоурок посвящен будет Adobe Muse CC 2016. Многие спрашивают меня о том, где я взял информацию, что Adobe Muse будет позволять делать резиновые сайты, так сказать, респонсивные – responsive site. Я сейчас вам в этом видео покажу. Сама компания Adobe Muse сделала специальный пример для