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Computer Basics 6: Measuring Data Speed

Hi, I’m brianna from Free Code Camp and today. We’re going to be talking about Data speed Data speed unlike Data size is usually measured in bits per second Whereas size is measured in bytes Big difference being bytes is eight times bigger than bits at the very smallest level once we start talking Exponentially

Internet Support Group 10

Hello Internet! In these dark times that are actually less dark than any previous point in history but thanks to the internet, we’re all starting to realize everything that’s wrong with the world that can make things seem increasingly despairing despite progress being made, WHAT we need is a YouTuber that was secretly struggling with

Accessible 360 – Web & App Accessibility Consulting

Customer service. How can I help you? Hi. First time shopping your website, and I can’t seem to check out. Just head to the upper left-hand corner of the screen- Actually… I’m blind. Oh! …I didn’t know. [laughs] It’s alright. Anyway, I’d love to shop your store, but I guess your website isn’t accessible to those of us with a disability. Accessible? Accessible websites make it easy for a visually impaired person, like me, to be able to shop and buy things on the site. It’s pretty important. We spend