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Accessible Use of Colour in Web Design

Hi, I’m Gosia from Nomensa. Today I’m going to be talking about the importance of the correct colour use on websites. Colour is a very important feature in web design. It is used not only to enhance aesthetic appeal of the pages but also to increase the usability and accessibility. Sometimes on websites different colours

Web Design NE WD CC

( ♪♪ ) ( instructor lecturing ) (Robert – Instructor:) If you really like to get involved with problem solving, this is a wonderful program. Our programs are structured so we split the classroom environment into a lecture followed by a lab environment, so students have time to listen to the instructor and work with

Top 15 Most Mysterious People on the Internet

Number 15. Robhgien Yrgna: We’ve either heard or possibly experienced having a horrible neighbour. However, one individual has amped this dispute up to new extremes. A YouTuber known simply as Robhgien Yrgna has posted over 7400 videos as evidence against his supposed noisy neighbour. There’s just a slight catch to these videos: the noise the

How Much Does Web Design Cost

Hi, and welcome to OurChurch.Com’s “Questions and Answers”, where we have the answers to your questions. Today we are going to answer the question, “How much does web design cost?” Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck with OurChurch.Com and on this video I want to talk about what determines the price of a website. The most common

MCTV Business Services at Buck Chevrolet

I’m Dan Buck with Buck Chevrolet in Canal Fulton. We’re a family owned business known for our great deals and expert service. MCTV provided exactly what I wanted when they bundled everything together for me. We do a lot of business over the internet, and reliable phones are a necessity. Plus, our customers like watching