Captioned Telephone Without Internet: CapTel 840 PROMO CODE: Crystal

hey guys its crystal i promised i would tell you about the only caption phone that’s available that does not require internet and this phone costs $75 you don’t pay for anything after that and and if you need to get ahold of one just let me know i can i can help you it works just like any of the other caption phones made by captel they are the creators of the phone that’s why they have a number of other choices available but you’ll notice that this is called an 840 there’s no I at the end of it it means it does not require internet in order to work all you need is your landline and electric and you’re good to go so it’ll amplify just like the other phones the caption button can be turned on and off based on the other phones and it’ll just come up here the words that are being said you will come up here on the display now with this type of phone you must dial this 800 number before the phone number in order to reach the person using this phone so the person using this phone they don’t change anything they just pick up the phone they use it like they always have nothing is any different for them but the people calling them must style this 800 number first and then their phone number and then they’ll get through to them and have their voice captioned out now the reason for this is the person calling the person who has the caption phone they need a way to loop their voice into the caption services and without internet they have to do it manually now the person using the phone, the phone automatically knows to loop that person in. So it does it for them. I really recommend this bone to someone who maybe doesn’t have a lot of people calling them and it’s mostly their friends and family and um there’s just no way that they’re going to get internet they just really have no interest there’s no real benefit for them to have it besides the phone I really think this is an awesome option the other phones you can get for free within your state every every state has a program and i can tell you about those programs if you just ask me I can it’s very easy if you go to hearing loss support com you can get a form and get a free caption from that does use internet but for the ones that do not its $75 and a nice thing that they do is they give you these cards they fold out like little business cards so that when you go somewhere so you go to your doctor’s office you can lead this card with them and it will explain the fact that they have the first call this number and then please down my phone number after that because i’m using a caption telephone so it does have all the other features like customer service answering machine speed-dials phone book all of those features are still along with this the only major differences is that the only way to get it out no Constance by some state programs if you’re low income they can help you if you are with that and then the only other thing is the 800 number so really recommended if somebody does not have any interest in getting internet they really cannot understand what’s being said over the phone they might be able to hear it but understanding the actual words is is not happening this is a really great option for that I love caption forms for that reason so if you have any questions please let me know hearing loss support com take care of things


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