Browsersync Tutorial – Network Throttle (Simulate Slow Connection)

hello and welcome back to red stapler in
this tutorial I’m going to show you how to simulate a slow internet connection
with browsersync to help your testing and see how your website load over a
slow connection speed let’s go check it out first start browsersync as usual this
works with a server mode and proxy mode you can watch our previous tutorial
videos on this mode if you like then change the port from 3000 to 3001 this
will open a browser sync configuration page which will show you all the
information related to current processing instant like local and
external address URL for testing and also a proxy address if you’re running
on proxy mode now head over the network throttle tab
on the left side from here you can pick the network speed that you want to
simulate for example let’s choose regular 2G then click create server to
test it just navigate to the URL provided on your browser you can create
each server for each network speed if you like so you can switch between the
connection speed by just changing the URL okay let’s test as you can see it’s
super slow to load so you have to find somebody to optimize the page if you
want your website to support a slower connection speed alright that’s all for
this tutorial don’t forget to like or subscribe for more interesting tutorial
video like this thanks for watching bye

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