Browser Preview Sublime Text

Hi guys this is Ndafara, in this
video I’m going to show you how you can enable Browser Preview, of your code in
sublime text. The first thing that we need to do is to
install Package Control. Package control is Sublime’s Text Package Manager, which
makes it simple to find, install and keep other packages and plugins up-to-date.
If you already have Package control you can skip this step. Head over to this site and
depending on the version of sublime text that you have please copy the
corresponding code. For me I have Sublime Text Three so I’m going to copy this
one. After that go back to sublime text hit Control Tilde to open the console.
Another way to open this is via View show console. Paste the code in the
console and hit enter, it should start installing. When this pop-up comes through, it means
that the installation for Package control was successful. All you have to do now is click OK and
close Sublime. We needed to restart Sublime Text so that Package control could finish
installing. To check whether Package control installed successfully please
click Ctrl Shift P to launch the Package control. And ah if you type: “package” you
should see various options that are available for Package control. This means
that Package control installed successfully. In case the console
installation didn’t work for you for some reason for example you’ve got a
proxy on your network there is another way you can install the Package control. You do
that by manually installing Package control. To manually install, go to this
link, download this package. I’ve already downloaded it here and ah
copy it. Once you copy it go back to Sublime Text “Preferences” “Browse Packages” it will bring up Packages
in Sublime Text 3 as you can see here go up one space, go into “Installed
Packages” and paste the package you just downloaded in here. This is the manual way of installing Package control. After you paste this in here, close this and restart
your Sublime Text. It should now have Package control installed. Now that
Package control is working, the next step for us is to use it to install the View
In Browser package. View In Browser is actually the package that we will use to
open our code in a web browser. So to install View In Browser or any other
package for that matter this is what you do. Simply type in “install
package” select it and it will open up with a list of
available packages. So as you can see these are all the available packages that
you can install in Sublime. So simply type in “view” and you’ve got View In
Browser the top there, simply click on it and if you look at the bottom here it is
actually installing the package View In Browser. As you can see at the bottom
left corner there is no longer any status updates meaning that View In
Browser was installed successfully. So after every install in Sublime Text
you need to restart it so that that package registers with Sublime Text. This
is the same thing that we did when we installed Package control so we have to
do it again for View In Browser after restarting Sublime Text we are
all set to view our code in a web browser. To view our code in a web browser
we simply hit Ctrl Alt V and it will open up in your default web browser. Just
to recap in this video we saw how to install Package control either through
the console installation or through the manual way. After that we installed View
In Browser package which allows us to view our code in a web browser. That’s it
for now guys see you next time


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