Broadband Hacks – Double Your Internet Speed

Many Australians know the feeling of
having slow internet but did you know it’s possible to combine two internet
connections to get double the speed? That’s what Jonathan here has been doing
for a while now, and while double the speed of downloads is important, as a
Youtuber he’s more interested in double the speed of uploads. “When I was working
with graphic design files they could be anywhere from 100 megabytes to a
gigabyte so uploading those on a slow ADSL connection was a lot harder. So at
the time I was working doing YouTube videos as well as working as a graphic
designer and a website designer…” Hey guys Jonathan here with TechWizTime where
i teach you technology through tutorials. “So I would have to make sure when I was
uploading that I kept an eye on it and I would come back periodically and find
out whether or not it had failed. It would take a little bit of planning
ahead in terms of if I was working during the day I would have to come back
during the night and re-upload the file then. This is back when John was on good
old ADSL so he found a solution to his problems by having two normal internet
connections and plugging them into a router capable of load balancing. “Then
from there this edge router Lite combines those two connections and
balances them into a single internet connection.” And when fibre to the node
came to Jon’s area he was keen to keep doubling up. “Talking to the NBN provider
was a little bit difficult because they couldn’t quite understand or grasp why I
wanted two connections into the one home. They were under the impression that one
NBN connection would be enough for most people, and for most people it was but
for myself because I’m uploading a lot of data, having the two connections
uploading at the 140 meant that I actually had a 200 over 80 megabits per
second connection. I basically told them that I run… I work from home, so because I
work from home I require one internet connection for my home business and one
connection for my home itself.” John future-proofed his setup by switching to
the edge router lite, capable of combining gigabit connections. But
it’s not without its minor issues. “So if you’re visiting say a banking website or
a forum you would be broadcasting two IP addresses which means that you’re
broadcasting the one modem and the second modem at separate times so it would
appear as though you are actually coming from a different source than you
originally came from. So for some banking websites they put that up as being ooh
something fishy’s happening here and they’ll actually log you out so that’s
the worst thing that will happen is that it will actually log you out on the
website. So with the ubiquity edge router lite you can put a script inside of it
that will say if I’m coming from this website then only use one modem.” The ABS
estimates that over 1 million Australians will be working from home by
2025, which means solutions like these could become very handy for tech-savvy
home business owners which rely more and more on upload power. “The internet life
is very nice with 2 NBN connections however I do know that there are people
out there that are say 500 metres from the node and they’re experiencing subpar
speed so for those people a dual NBN connection would be awesome.”


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