Binghamton Major Minute – Computer Science

Hi. I’m Julie. I’m from Syracuse, New York. And, I’m going to tell you about Computer Science at Binghamton University, in 60 seconds. The reason I chose my major is because Computer Science allows you to go into any field . . . and also continuously be learning. My favorite class so far has been data structures and algorithms . . . because it teaches me important concepts . . . for technical interviews and it’s the reason that I’ve gotten my first internship at Google, this summer . . . Some of the clubs that you can be involved in on campus, include Hack BU . . . which is an organization that does weekly workshops on coding skills . . . as well as hosts an annual Hackathon every year . . . where you can compete against other students and develop your own projects. One thing that has surprised me about my major, is how supportive both the faculty and other students are . . . when it comes to working on classwork or developing your own projects and ideas. In five to ten years, I hope to have found what exactly I want to do in terms of either research . . . or going into industry and be doing meaningful work, in that area. And, that’s been Computer Science in 60 seconds, at Binghamton University.

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