Eerie music. Howling. They’re here. They can’t be stupid enough to fall for this. Look at their van. What a bunch of amateurs. They’re as good as dead. Doorbell rings. Alright, who’s soul do you need us to save? Umm, that girl. Frightening music. Growling. Heavy breathing. Hmm! I thought she was just going through a phase. Teenagers. Oh yeah. Intro music Is it necessary to film this exorcism? Yehuh. See then we upload it to our web series channel
which is how we can offer you the great low, low prices. I thought it was cause I found you on Craigslist
under gardening services. We’re landscapers. Yeah but a exorcism really a you know our
passion thing and we’re hoping to develop that into our full-time gig. Guess that would make us landscapercists. That is good. Pow I’d call you the perfect solution to our problem. Don’t you agree Mandy? Wow you’re really brave. Sweetie. Women can do anything, including battling
demons. No kidding Grammie. You’re brave to wear those pants. They highlight your Thunder Thighs. Taser starts making shooting noises No, Chloe don’t.
Look Chloe, tasering client is in clear violation of company policy . You know that. Yeah we had an “incident”. One time. Barely even worth mentioning. I assure you we are still fully bondable. Help me, please. Alright
Deep breathe. Focus the chi.
Let’s get ready to Exorcise! Look what papa brought to the batterbox. Sweet mamma jamma. Put the hedge clippers down. But I was training. Down. Why’d I even come? It’s idiot-proof. Really. I could have been on my 3rd hit of Molly by
now, but no I’m stuck here with these losers. Alright. Let’s do this. A white noise fills the room and a wind suddenly
kicks up. Loud stomps. (Deep, terrifying bass voice)
There’s no escape. Door slams. You do know that we can fit between the really
big gaps of the two by four, right? I’ll bathe in your virgin blood. I am not a virgin. I’ve had the sex a bunch of times. Girl heavy breathing (chanting)
Euphorius , damnifidian (stammering)
Yeah though I…uh..Walk through! (chanting)
Euphorius, damnifidian Fear no evil. I don’t know how to. Latin is hard you guys. I’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL. Swallow this. Click. Click. Chloe I thought you said this was idiot proof. Tasers himself. Augh. Noooo. Almost idiot proof. (chanting)
Euphorius, damnifidian Aaa, it’s a, who makes print this small. Do you read Latin? No? Ah. Man. Are you just a landscaper? Hoc nomen animal daemonum spiritus exercitus! Booooom. Chloe, I did it! I did it. So if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe
to our channel. Share it with your friends. Now nothing can stop me from ending your worthless life. We’re going to run a contest this week’s for
new subscribers and we’re going to give away a signed photograph of me. Okay, um sorry about the mess. You know I actually have a card here to… It’s for 15% future business with us either
as an exorcist or landscaping. Okey Dokee. Let’s run. Laughs Hey bitch. Work on those thighs. Amateurssssss!


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