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so guys myself kunsh deep today in this video I am going to tell you about that software which is very similar to the WordPress wiks and many other online IDs but actually this is the offline IDs so let’s start actually the software which i am using that is wysiwyg web builder that is what you see is what you get actually this software provides the facilities of drag and drops so you can directly drag the menu bars and many other things provide it so it available free as well as purchase you can see you on the top so go to the download section and you can download its latest version i have already downloaded so i will directly start it so now we are in the software you can see the this is the main section here which is known as the editor and the left side it has provided toolbox and the blocks means in this blocks you can see the many inbuilt templates they have provided and the right side you can see the site manager and the properties section so in this video i will only provide you a demo how actually the software works but for more i will make the another videos of this software with the proper way how we can create a professional or we can say responsive website with this software okay in the tool section you can see provides the many standard tools like the drag-and-drop features that is table text you can create many tables here how many rows numbers okay cables and text text image you can put and drip and drop your images here you can see it filter it image which type of saved you want and you can draw it also here like any banners and all provides are some in build build forms layout media by like YouTube videos you can put here your own YouTube videos like just go to the object properties and provide your YouTube URL and it will connect your video to hear and the CSS menus many other things it providing the tools box and then in the block section 8 has provide some in build or some templates you can see here so i will use some templates and try to make an a website which is very easy to sew us like this i will take here first ok then after that this one then after the my footer section just go check footer section where it is footer section footer section this is the footer section now we check the preview how it’s looking yeah very nice it’s looking very great this is our navigation name email send messages thank you for all of you and if you like it so please subscribe and share and give me the comments

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