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And the answer is, none of them. This is more than just a trick question. The point I’m trying to make, is that all of these browsers are a little different. And if you’ve used more than one of them, you’ll know that, that’s obviously true. However, none of these browsers are perfect. And in fact, it’s not even clear when we’re doing web development what perfect is. It, it’s a very imperfect art the web design is. And so, while you may have a preference for one of these browsers, it is not necessarily true that your users agree. You know, you may like Chrome, and your users may prefer Internet Explorer. Or more realist, realistically, you may like Chrome, and your users are forced to use Internet Explorer. So you need to have in mind that all of these browsers are different. They all behave differently. And you need to keep that in mind as you as you develop and test in as many browsers as you can.

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