best android cache cleaner | Test 10+ apps and find out the best one

what’s up guys I am jet and welcome you
all to your next favorite tech channel man of technology in this video I will test
10 plus gets cleaner and find out the best one for you so let’s start while testing I look at some points
which are partners of the app it is better to server or not internet
connection required or not provide antivirus production or not really boost
the phone or not various utilities what type of permission is asking for and
some other things you can see that I’ve already installed 10 plus popular
kostina in my device I test all the apps and be
the top one for you I’m not going to show all the tests in front of you cause
beta will be longer I will already be the best one you can directly download
the app from the link in description or you can find it in Google Play Store
also so my fist choice is Clean master I found it most useful than any other app in
Play Store it’s not only you Cache cleaner but also you can use it as an antivirus
it has also some awesome features like up lock and Wi-Fi security you can see
that this app already download 1 billion times and rating is four point seven
which is really really high if you are using a loop in device you can try the
light version of it I already get to the light version and it works fine for me I
found some problems in this episode showing at all time is very boring by
the way you can take premium fashion to remember the advertisement if you think
the master is not perfect you can try it’s a cleaner it’s my second choice you
can model over damn by the help of this app if you want you can also try it so
friends if you found this video is helpful please give a like it will
motivate me to upload more videos now come to the reality vertically I noticed
that all the cache cleaner app don’t do so much things they all just show you that
your smartphone is boosting man wrong and misleading information I found in
all apps and I don’t know why some apps are asking for contact or location for
it is better that you maintain your smartphone manually using pre-install
optimizer is enough in this case if you want to know how can you maintain your
smartphone perfectly leave a comment and I will definitely make a video on it
finally subscribe my channel and ring the bell button to get notification and
I will release the new video thank you so much towards the video fully please
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