Basic HTML for Web Design : HTML Table Captions

Now let’s say your table needs a footer like
if it’s displaying information or something like that. And that’s really easy too. Or
a caption other then a footer. So what we would do, go into our table, it’s here we
got our headers our two rows. And then before the end of the table, we’re going to put a
caption. And we’ll do this by typing caption and we can go ahead and do the align bottom,
oops, just to make things easier. These will align just like anything else we’ve been going
over. And then I’ll type and then close it off with a slash caption. Save it. And over
here we’ll refresh it. And I must have typed something wrong. I did there’s two Cs in caption.
Save it.
Now we have a caption. And this is aligned up at the bottom of the table.

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