Axess Creative – Making Your Website Accessible

it’s estimated that around 15% of the
world’s population have disabilities but only less than 10% of all web sites out
there are considered accessible. To put it this way, 9 out of every 10 web sites
are considered difficult to use or just downright unusable for people with
significant disabilities. So really, the question is, is your website accessible?
At Axess Creative, we build web sites that meet accessibility standards, and
the best part is, making your website accessible isn’t just going to benefit
people with significant disabilities but it’s gonna benefit everyone. Factors like
good color contrast and text readability are things that we all benefit from. And
accessible websites tend to rank higher on Google, which means that your
potential clients can find you much easier online. If your website is
accessible and visible, it means that more people can learn about your
services without any barriers. It’s gonna allow you to grow your business like
never before. So let’s work together. Let’s make your website accessible.

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