Author: David Keiser

Fire Drill – The Office US

*door shuts* *locks door* Last week I give a fire safety talk, *clears throat* and nobody paid any attention. It’s my own fault for using PowerPoint. PowerPoint is boring. People learn in lots of different ways, but experience is the best teacher. *pours lighter fluid* *lights cigarette* Today, smoking is gonna save lives. *flicks cigarette,

DD-WRT Client Mode Setup

please subscribe and support this channel you can support by giving a comment or give a like to the video thanks dd-wrt client mode setup this setup is not a wired connection is a wireless connection between two routers only the router that you are trying to connect to is the primary router the router

Fighting Autism with Computer Science

“All right, my name is Matthew Goodwin. I’m here at Northeastern University. I’m a interdisciplinary assistant professor and I’m jointly appointed in the department of health science and the college of computer and information science and I direct the computational behavioral science laboratory. The mission of my lab is to leverage advances in computational, behavioral

Computer Science at London South Bank University

Music and intro titles Clive Hayton: The computer science and informatics division, courses which will be useful for people interested going into business, all the way through to people who want to develop real time systems based on electronic components. Mike Child: The great thing about studying computer science is that everything you’ve learnt is