Author: David Keiser

Top 15 Most Mysterious People on the Internet

Number 15. Robhgien Yrgna: We’ve either heard or possibly experienced having a horrible neighbour. However, one individual has amped this dispute up to new extremes. A YouTuber known simply as Robhgien Yrgna has posted over 7400 videos as evidence against his supposed noisy neighbour. There’s just a slight catch to these videos: the noise the

How Much Does Web Design Cost

Hi, and welcome to OurChurch.Com’s “Questions and Answers”, where we have the answers to your questions. Today we are going to answer the question, “How much does web design cost?” Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck with OurChurch.Com and on this video I want to talk about what determines the price of a website. The most common

MCTV Business Services at Buck Chevrolet

I’m Dan Buck with Buck Chevrolet in Canal Fulton. We’re a family owned business known for our great deals and expert service. MCTV provided exactly what I wanted when they bundled everything together for me. We do a lot of business over the internet, and reliable phones are a necessity. Plus, our customers like watching

10 Most Dangerous Places On The Internet

“10 Most Dangerous Places On The Internet NUMBER 10: GAMING SITES Online gaming is big business. According to a Nielsen NetView survey, gamers in the US spend a huge 407 million hours every year shooting zombies, racing cars and insulting each other’s mothers. But unfortunately, the vast popularity of gaming sites has also made them

AP Computer Science Principles

Anna: Taking this class, it’s really just been, diving in head first into the computer science world. Sean: You have a lot of freedom to explore what you want to do. My project is a story app. Sean: We made a game and an app to help the environment. Makena: So, my app is called