Author: David Keiser

What is CSS Prefix?

Welcome to another tutorial. This is about CSS prefixes and why it matter. So, CSS prefix is the vendor prefix our way for browser makers to add support for new CSS features before those features are fully supported in all browsers. This means that we need to add these prefixes, so our CSS can work

Creating a Hyperlink

For creating a hyperlink, you want to first get the link for the file you can choose copy link or get shareable link and Google will copy it for you then I’m going to open up my email that I wanted to share the link, highlight the text that I want to be clickable, go

Notebook 2 Plugin Demo

To add a comment, select the layer and use the inspector to fill in the data. You can use the + button or hit cmd+enter to confirm the action Comments can be easily edited on the inspector To confirm the edition use the same button or command (cmd+enter) The plugin also allows the use of