Author: David Keiser

Introducing Google Actual Cloud Platform

What is the cloud? It’s data. It’s scalable. It’s elastic. It’s servers, databases, and hard drives. But it’s bound in physical data centers. We’re going to unveil something that completely changes the way you think about cloud. You know public cloud and you may know private cloud. And you might even know about hybrid clouds,

Innovation at Google

DOUGLAS MERRILL: Hi, I’m Douglas Merrill. I want talk today about innovation at Google. Thank you very much for coming. I’m really excited to get the chance to talk about this. We are an engine for innovation. Yes, technically, we’re a search, advertising, and applications company, what we call search, ads, and apps. But the

Introducing a new Google Docs

Google Docs lets you create, share, and collaborate on documents online. Instead of creating a document, sending it as an attachment, receiving multiple revisions, and then having to merge edits, with Google Docs, everyone works on the same version in real time. And Google Docs just got better with rebuilt editers for documents, spreadsheets, and