Author: David Keiser

Makeup Tutorial en Español

Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube Channel. After my “I bought a FAKE James Charles palette”, a lot of you guys noticed That I was able to speak Spanish, and asked me to try to do a video speaking ONLY spanish.. …and now I am here. When I was young,

What If You Only Ate Meat?

2.5 million years ago we first began to eat meat. Prior to that our ancestors ate a vegan diet of berries and flowers and only when early hominins began to eat more seeds and nuts, therefore taking in higher levels of fat and less fiber did our bodies begin to adapt to handle meat. But

Why Should I Learn JavaScript?

Why should I learn JavaScript? Because JavaScript is a web standard for in-webpage apps per the HTML5 standard. Java has been a standard forever. It is so good that even other languages like Scala use the Java Virtual Machine. Java is not the standard for HTML5 because more than half their updates since 2010 have

Expanding Broadband Access to Rural Areas

It is with great pleasure that I announce our next speaker of the afternoon. Commissioner Minyan Cliborn (ph). Commissioner Cliborn serving second term as commissioner for the Federal Communications Commission. Prying to beginning at the FCC, in 2009, she was a member of the Public Service Commission of South Carolina. And served as a the

Introducing Bad Joke Detector

Hi I’m Joris and I’m a Product Manager on an app called Files Go. Everyday, people all around the world use Files Go to free up space on their phone by deleting old videos, unused apps and forwarded chat media. But in our most recent user research we started noticing an alarming trend. People were

CSS Rulesets

Check out this CSS code from Coca Cola’s website. Looks intense. Before you’ll be able to write CSS code like this, you first need to understand the basic building blocks that make up a single CSS statement. All CSS begins with what is known as a rule set. A rule set is made up of