Author: David Keiser

JavaScript: SEO Mythbusting

Coming from a developer background there’s so many misconceptions and myths about SEO that developers come up with or have heard or That come from the SEO world as well. Where do these come from? How do these get into the world? The myths, the legends that come through now JavaScript? I think a lot

Purposes For A Website

Hey everybody, Mike Linville here from Black Dog Education where we teach small business owners how to build, market, and maintain fully search engine optimized websites, and I’m glad you’re here today. In this video, this really short video, I’m going to talking about the three main purposes for a website. Now we’ve all seen

Google’s Privacy Principles

FEMALE SPEAKER: At Google, we make privacy a priority in everything we do. Here are our five guiding principles. One, use information to provide our users valuable products and services. Using your information can make our products even more useful. For example, if you search for “golf,” are you looking to work on your drive

Good Website Design Examples

I like this color. I like this logo. I think this image should be here. Guess what? As business owners, we are the least qualified to make design decisions about our website. Let’s talk about what are examples of websites that have proven themselves to be high converting and findable? We’re going to talk about