Author: David Keiser

How to Backup a Website | GoDaddy

You worked hard to create a great website, so it’s important to protect your site by regularly backing it up. This video explains how. A back up is essentially a copy of your site from a specific point in time. Website Builder 7 automatically backs up your site whenever you publish it or change the

Web Development: From Idea to Implementation

[Seminar] [Web Development: From Idea to Implementation] [Ben Kuhn] [Billy Janitsch] [Harvard University] [This is CS50] [CS50.TV] [Billy] Hi, I’m Billy and this is Ben.>>[Ben] Hi. We’re going to be talking about web development today. [webdev] [Billy Janitsch and Ben Kuhn] A bit about us first. Ben is sort of the back-end guy. He makes

Response Headers – Web Development

We have our basic response status line and just like the request, the status line is followed by a number of headers. I give you a few examples. Here are some headers that are commonly included with http responses. Now just like the client request, the headers that you see aren’t always the same. Some