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All right, so on Monday, we spoke with Shirley Phelps-Roper about allegations that the internet gathering known as Anonymous had issued a threat, and Westboro Baptist Church responded to that threat. Well, today we have everybody here, we have Shirley Phelps-Roper from the Westboro Baptist Church. We have a source within Anonymous, the internet gathering known as Anonymous, here. So let’s start at the very beginning. Anonymous, can you please tell us, did any active Anonymous members or participants, sources, issue a threat to the Westboro Baptist Church? -No, there was no talk of it. The press release was…
-Well, how could you know this? I was wondering… -Well, hold on, Shirley, let’s get him to explain…
-They’re anonymous! I’m just saying. -Let’s have him explain.
-Well, Shirley, with most operations, we have planning, we have execution, we have discussion of it. This press release came out of nowhere, and it doesn’t seem like the writing style we’d make. Nobody that usually writes press releases stood up and said hey, we wrote this. The operation came out of nowhere, and you guys responded really too fast. It was all a bit suspicious. -Oh, yikes! It was several days before we responded.
-So Shirley, let’s… let’s take it one at a time. How did you originally hear of the threat, Shirley? By many emails. We received many emails, and then, how else? Oh, also in some print publications. Twitter, Twitter was talking about it. Oh, and Twitter was sending us links to it, also. OK, so Anonymous, can you state… do you, what is your belief? Do you believe that the Westboro Baptist Church concocted this letter? Do you believe that some third party created it? It could’ve been a third party perpetrating it in contact with the Westboro Baptist Church, trying to get them attention. Is there any truth to that, Shirley? Were you involved at all? Well, now that we’re speculating, no. No, we didn’t have anything to do with it. You know that we don’t do that. That’s not how we roll. In fairness, you have no time to turn around for nonsense, like you said, but you responded with kind of an angrily-written letter in response really fast. It wasn’t angrily-written, hon, it was just plain-spoken. Let’s make sure we know, so our audience knows what we’re talking about. The letter we’re talking about says, “Bring it,” it calls… it refers to “lousy hackers”, it says, “Nobody will shut up the words of the Westboro Baptist Church.” Shirley, is it your belief that Anonymous cannot harm the Westboro websites in any way? OK, now, you need to listen to this answer carefully. Take notes, OK? No one, no source, no power can shut these words that are, as the Scripture says, roaring out of Mount Zion. I mean, I’m talking to a little guy who’s a Jew. You know that when the prophets go, the prophet go-time is doomed America’s blow-time. OK, so then Anonymous, can you address that? I mean, aren’t all of Shirley’s websites down right now? Yeah, right now, is down, is down, is down, is down. -OK, wait a second.
-That’s not us, by the way. Wait a second, wait a second. OK, so let me see if I got this right, you’re wondering if someone really issued a threat and they did it anonymously and then actually attacked our websites? Is that what I’m hearing? -No, we didn’t attack your websites, it was another hacktivist.
-Hey, look, dude, potato-potahto. You’re all a bunch of criminals and thugs, and you’re disobedient in the extreme, and you don’t obey God, and you’re all facing your imminent destruction. Shirley, let’s take this one step at a time, because I don’t want my audience to miss a second of this. Anonymous, can you address, did anybody on your end cause all four or five of Shirley’s websites which are currently down to be down? -No, these were performed by another hacktivist. Credit goes to…
-Four or five? We got more than that. Hold on, Shirley, let’s take it a step at a time. Well, the four or five that are down were not our doing. These were the doings of another hacktivist who goes by the name of Jester. -He also disagrees with your message, like most of the world does.
-Oh, you mean the military guy? What, you’re saying that the military people are thugs and criminals too? -Say it ain’t so!
-No, I’m not saying that, I’m saying he deserves… -he deserves some credit.
-I thought they were heroes! Hello! You’ve decided you’re the one, you’re a law unto yourselves? Oh, so you’re some thugs and some criminals, lawless bandits? Yes. -We knew that about you already.
-Shirley, do you plan… Shirley, do you plan on bringing legal action against those who are attacking your website? I plan on… if I could just find this guy who’s called Jester, I would give him a big hug. I’m talking big; I might even give him a little kiss on the top of his head. That is, if I get to that before God kicks his ass, I’m just saying. Don’t you guys understand teachers of rebellion get their asses kicked? We’re talking His anger. And Anonymous, is this talk from Shirley inciting future attacks from Anonymous? I mean, is this riling you guys up to the point where you will actually take action? -Please do. -Well…
-Hold on, Shirley. Our response against their letter, the original letter we talked about earlier, the bring it on crybaby hackers letter, our response was mature It was, we don’t want to go to war with you, we’re busy with Operation Freedom… They were mature! Did you just call criminals and thugs “mature”? Is that mature? You’re mature little boys? But you say the internet was invented just for the Westboro Baptist Church to get its message across, right? Exactly. But then how come God allowed gay dating websites? Silly, that’s called your proving ground. Just because you fill it up with filth, you get to explain that on the Day of Judgment, and your destruction is imminent. I know. Am I going to Hell? Well, hon, I only know what I’m hearing, because you’re anonymous. God knows who you are and he knows your heart, and by the– out of your heart, your mouth is speaking, and you sound like a guy who’s headed to Hell. I’m just saying. Well, I… in my lifetime, I’ve performed over 9000 sins, so… Oh, and you keep track? What, you have a tally sheet? Yeah, over 9000 sins. I keep track. OK, well, hon, if you’re proud of your sin, how can that possibly fit into a box with repentance? Then yes, the answer is, if God doesn’t have mercy on you at some point in the short time you have left to live on this Earth, he gives you the… he gives you repentance, then of course you’re going to Hell! Internets are serious business, aren’t they? Let me try to bring things back to a central point. I think my concern here is what…
And he had it right on the central point. He was spot-on. Square on-target. Hold on, Shirley. Is there a next step, is there going to be any further action? I mean, does Anonymous intend to prove that they can, in fact, manipulate the Westboro Baptist Church network of websites? What can we expect going forward, Anonymous? -Or is that Anonymous?
-Actually, I’m working on that right now. He’s working on that right now! Oh, yay! Hey, listen up, ladies, this is what you accomplished… -Well, after her response, you know…
-This is what you’ve accomplished… Hold on a second. Let’s hear from Anonymous, please, Shirley. You will have your chance. Wait a minute! Yeah, no, no, you keep bringing it back to him. -Here’s what you’ve done.
-No, I have something interesting. I have a surprise for you, Shirley. I have a surprise for you. Here’s… here’s… here’s what… Wait a minute. You save it for a minute. This is what you’ve accomplished. You have caused eyes all over the world to look. All we’re doing is publishing a message. What you did was you caused yet another huge global explosion of the Word of God. With us, too. I mean, the, the site that that press release was posted on, that received, that site received a 2100% increase in traffic, a 3500% increase in ad revenue. How fortunate you are! How fortunate you are. That’s interesting. Hold on, everybody. Everybody hold on. So Shirley, do you believe that God would be angry with you for bringing positive attention to Anonymous and increased revenue? OK, here’s what they did. People all around the nation grabbed that news release and they posted it here and there, and places you can’t keep track of all the places. It went viral. What? Oh, sorry, I’m sorry, my grandson’s over here. Lot happening over there, Shirley. -Yeah, so I’m saying that… so… so…
-Well… [Unintelligible] I think I understand, Shirley. So you don’t believe that. Let me go to… Anonymous was trying to… I just want to moderate this. Anonymous, go ahead. I was just going to say, just in the time Shirley was blabbing her religious preach, I actually did some business, and I think if you check downloads.westborobaptistchurch right now, you’ll see a nice message from Anonymous. -So hold on, is it?
-Nice. .com. Yeah, we just put up a nice release while Shirley was preaching there. Just while we were doing this interview? -Yeah, we just…
-And then, so it’s… Yeah, we had enough. I mean, we responded maturely, we said no, we don’t want a war, Shirley came on the radio, started, well, her… thinks I’m going to Hell, -so we’ve given her something to look at and check out.
-Can we… Oh, you think that if you try to do something to us because we tell you what should be done… -Something’s already been done, check it. Check.
-That you have to obey… Hon, I don’t… don’t you understand? I have to talk, that’s my job. -Really?
-It’s somebody else’s job to look at the websites, it’s not my job. So hold on, I am getting a thumbs-up from my producer that there has been a message posted that appears to be from Anonymous on Anonymous, are you taking responsibility for this? Yep, we just did it right now, this very second. -All these other sites are down because… well, there you go.
-That is so special. That’s so special. So are you saying you did take down the websites or you did not take down the websites? We did this just now. You just told us we can’t do anything to harm your websites; we just did. I mean, we were willing to go away… What I told you is you cannot shut us up! Thank you. -But so are our words, though.
-That’s not what it means. To summarize here, we’re going to have to wrap up, we have heard from Anonymous initially that they did not issue the letter that was spread around the internet by the Westboro Baptist Church, they have denied responsibility for the denial of service attacks, but during this interview, Anonymous has taken responsibility for a message that has been placed on Shirley Phelps-Roper seems completely unmoved by it, but I think, is that a fair summary of where we are, Shirley? Pretty much. Captions provided by For transcripts, translations, captions, and subtitles,
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