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Welcome everybody. Welcome to the
Webmaster Academy we’re gonna be looking at the Wix template on an Accountancy
Firm and you don’t have to be an accountant to use this template. Again,
just like any template, you’re going to customize it to meet your needs. This is
an excellent template if you provide any kind of consultancy- – consultant
business for other businesses and services. It’s a very basic website, but
at least you can get a good foundation of what your site or if you’re building
site for others, what the basic foundation should be. So check out this
template. It’s the Accountancy Services template from Thank you everyone for being here, let’s get started hello everybody if you haven’t met me yet, I am Michael Wood and I am
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for more details. All right, let’s get into this template from on an
accountancy firm. I pulled up this page because it was the most interesting. I’m
going to go to the home page and let’s just take a quick tour of the website
itself. It starts off with this big giant black banner here. There isn’t much to
see… there is the simple title of the consultancy. In this case, it’s an
accountant firm and accountancy. They have a quote, you know, basically their
vision. “It’s not just about the numbers we know what your money needs.” What I
like about this is that it has the Call to Action and it’s not huge. It’s just
off to the side right here. It says “let’s talk” So in this case, if I click on “let’s
talk” The call the action brings in this pop-up
window where you can put in your name, emai,l phone number, and a message and
they have their contact information there as well. So that’s their way of
getting contact and for this company getting an email from a client or a
phone call is the best way that they can do business so they put the contact
information there they’re called the action is this off
their to the side let’s go ahead and scroll down and on the home page it
starts with about us and that’s really excellent because the first thing you
want to do as any kind of consultancy or consultant business is to tell them why
anyone should listen to you right-oh give some credibility build some
authority that’s really one of the first things you have to establish before you
can get into all of your services and your prices and things like that get
into you want to start talking about who you are
alright if you like this template if you like what I what I’m talking about here
remember to give me a like or a heart if you’re out there if you’re watching the
replay you could still do the same thing I like to know who’s out there and I
like to know what parts of this presentation you find the most
interesting all right let’s scroll down and they
have this parallax scrolling of a city it’s in black and white it’s a very
conservative website as you can see I suggest you go ahead and put a
photograph of the city you’re located in and it’s okay if it’s a stock image our
services and this is where you lay out the services and as you can see they
point out the top three so in this case it’s building a business plan and then
the strategy and operation and improving processes so these are the three things
this accountancy firm is probably the best app and best known
for they might provide other services but here are the top three if you want
to see them all you click on view all services as I scroll down there’s some
testimonials again building that brand authority and in this case we have sort
of a slideshow of testimonials so each testimonial stands out on its own
and this is really good if you can find about three good testimonials from three
excellent credible sources then you really make those stand out so here is a
an example and these three dots down here at the bottom our way to navigate
through but no one has to click on the dots it’s an automatic scroll so I’m
gonna go up and then when I go down you’ll see that without clicking on
anything these are on an automatic timer then I scroll down a little further and
it has the contact us section and then the the footer down here where you list
the company who owns the website and you can give credit to the web designer they
also have a back to top button here if I click on that it’ll scroll all the way
back to the top it’s a very simple site if I click on our services up there at
the top this actually takes us to a new page so this isn’t just a one page
design that you see in a lot of modern templates this is a multi page design
some of the information might be redundant but that’s okay because people
navigate websites differently what’s important is that on the home page the
most important things are here which is who you are the call to action your
credibility the three top services you provide and
testimonials and then finally a way to contact you those are really the only
elements that you need as a accountancy or consultancy firm but if you want to
give more information you have other pages to do so so this page is dedicated
to the services and again it’s got this consistent let’s talk on every page
because that is the call to action so we have the building a business plan and
with more detail the strategy and operation and improving processes we saw
those three on the home page but these are just a little more detailed
descriptions and you want to be real specific with this and then there’s some
more there’s human capital investment management and that’s all they have on
this template you can keep adding or removing services when you go into the
editor and start making some customizations and then the contact us
again is on that page and I haven’t uncovered the editor this contact us
might be actually a huge part of the footer so it might be on every page
and then they have the testimonials tab and this is just gonna focus on those
testimonials and in this case it looks like they jumped over back to the home
page so this is not a separate page but actually an anchor point so when they
clicked on testimonials it just jumped right on over to the home page let’s go
back to the top contact us is going to basically bounce us back to the bottom
so this website is only two pages it’s the main page as we’ve looked at a few
times already and then the more detailed our services page so that’s it two pages
that is the website now before we go into the editor and start messing around
and making some changes let me just check the chat see if anybody
any questions at this time all right doesn’t look like any
questions right now if you’re watching the replay feel free to drop a question
or a comment and make sure you use those emoticons so I know the parts of this
presentation that stand out to you so I could focus on those areas a little bit
more let’s go ahead and go into the editor and see what kind of changes
so before I start adding things let’s just talk about some of the things I can
change I’m going to click on edit this site and this will open up the Wix
editor alright so how do you like the website you know I think it’s very clean
simple down to two pages down to the most important things and your client
base will be very important people who need very credible people to you know
consult them on their business so as any consultancy you want to have that
authority who did you help out what sort of services do you provide and what is
your credibility all right now let’s get under the hood and let’s see what kind
of changes we can make without adding things now this section right here looks
like it is a strip so the footer just contains the company logo and it
contains the menu so that’s the footer and what I’ll do is change the color
just so you can see the different parts of the website change it to this blue right here that’s
not the color I would want I just want to show you the difference between the
header and the rest of the website so here is the header up there and this is
a strip so that means this whole black rectangle I can change the background
too and let’s just change it to something
like something simple here so here I changed it to a photograph and if you
want the white text to stand out you’re going to go into settings you’re going
to change the color behind the image to black and then what we can do at this
point is use the image opacity slider and we can go all the way black like it
was or just gradually fade in the images the image until the white stands out as
much as you need it to okay so that’s how you change the
background on the strip and then this is another strip right here now what’s
interesting is this there’s this orange er I don’t know what it looks like on
your screens like a tan box it’s a container box it’s actually crossing
both of the strips which is possible as you can see here and what that does is
it gives the design a little cohesiveness to it so that’s a very
interesting geometrical addition and that’s making this border and of course
we can change the color of that border to anything what you want all it is is
really a box with an empty fill so these are some of the different boxes that
come with the color palette that’s there then of course changing the text is you
click on the body of text and select edit text let’s go ahead and scroll down now this
is a strip and what’s interesting about this one if I change the strip
background and if I click on settings you’re gonna see that the box called
parallax has been selected when I do a preview the parallax effect is a really
nice effect what it does is as I scroll the site down or up it sort of reveals
the picture it’s as if the picture just lives in the background it’s like this
back window it’s a little bit of a three-dimensional effect let me show you
what it looks like if I take off the parallax effect just so you could see
the difference I’ll change the background click on settings I’m going
to uncheck the parallax effect or just say none now I want you to see the
difference I’m going to hit the preview button and look what happens when I move
the image doesn’t really move at all it’s just a static image that moves as I
scroll through the website so look at the difference see that’s without the
parallax effect let’s go ahead and put it back in there and do you see the difference see the
reveal the buildings sort of they get uncovered and hidden and revealed as we
scroll it gives that 3d effect so that’s a parallax and all you need to do is
just change the image to anything you want I do suggest you pick an image of
the city that you live in and you can use a professional photograph we’re not
looking for authenticity here but just to give a good sense of you know where
you are located would help and I like this image because this gives us a
splash of color again it’s got the parallax effect is built-in so you can
leave the site you know kind of black and white and then give a splash of
color with this middle line right here and what this does it’s really creating
a nice clean website but giving just a little bit of that color to stand out
the our services is just a simple text that you can click on and change each of
those titles and then the testimonials you can go ahead and click on the box
and click on the text now these are slides so if I wanted to manage my
slides I have three slides here and I could rename them I could duplicate them
if I want to add more testimonials and I could actually just click on this slide
and move it to another position that’s just a click and drag so you can add
them you could duplicate them and each slide can have a different background if
you wanted to so let’s change the slide background to a color just so I can
prove a point so here’s blue but the next slide will be black again
so you can change each slide color individually now to give the effect of
the testimonials just kind of drifting through one after another you’ll want to
keep the background for all the testimonials the same that would be my
suggestion there this is built within a larger strip here which I’ll change the
color just so you can see the difference and see the web parts all together here
so see I colored that kind of a salmon color that’s the strip and then within
the strip is a full-width slideshow that’s what this is okay and you can go
into settings you can change the delay between the testimonials you can change
the autoplay and you can provide effects if you want or in I like this feature
and that’s to stop the autoplay when the mouse cursor is hovering so naturally if
somebody were actually gonna read a testimonial it’s most likely that their
mouse will land over it it just is a natural navigation and when they hover
the mouse the slides will stop moving so that’s really good allows them to read
it without the slide moving on before they get a chance to finish and then the
contact us so these are basically text boxes here within a container and then
there’s horizontal lines that was placed in between the elements okay so that’s
the basic construction and this is how you to cut you can customize different
parts does anyone have any questions at this point hello Nicole thank you for being here
how are you I’m glad you’re here anyone else if you have questions and you’re
watching the replay go ahead and post those questions I’ll still get them even
though this is a live presentation okay now that is how to customize the site
let me just offer a few words of advice in terms of what come with sort of
things could you add to the site I I would add a blog if you want to drive
traffic to your site if you’re an agency that’s pretty well-known and you already
have your advertising in your marketing spot-on with ad spots or Facebook ads
YouTube ads whatever you’re doing to advertise then you may not really need a
blog but if you’re a brand new agency then you’ll want to have a blog that
helps to establish your authority in your industry so to add a blog I’ll go
over to the left and click on add there’s all these things we can add and
I’ll just say add blog and I’m going to add it to the site
either it’s adding the pages in the background you see all the little wheels
are turning and what’s nice is what’s been
automatically created for you is the navigation up there at the top and what they’ve done is they’ve already
added the blog it’s already formatted and everything for your website they
give you some examples that way you can play with the formatting if you want to
and there’s a beautiful blog with the navigation built in this blog also
allows for members to sign up to be a partier blog and what that does is allow
allows people to like and to comment and to create a discussion with your blog
posts and that helps build a lot of SEO so people can log in comment because
they logged in you’ll they’ll have a username that they set up and this helps
build a sense of community of course you can sort these blog posts out by
categories and that is really helpful as well as you start adding more and more
content remember good SEO comes from great and relevant content if you want
to more if you want to know more details about building blogs and setting up SEO
for your site be sure to check out my 301 class on SEO at the webmaster
academy so that would be the thing as a blog and one final thing I might add to
this website is the ability for people to make appointments with your office so
I’m going to click on bookings I’m going to add now as as you can see all the wheels are
turning all the codes being created the navigations already getting built in
let’s go ahead and get started and let’s you can’t see it there as you
see it says more so I’m going to stretch out the menu a little bit because we
just added some things and here you go says book online so you click on book
online and what’ll happen you’ll get this box right
here with kind of a schedule or a calendar now because we’re in the editor
we’re in preview mode you’re not gonna see anything yet so I have to actually
click on manage bookings and then click on settings so for now there’s really
nothing there we have to create a service now what’s nice is the new Wix
dashboard allows you to manage your blog posts and your bookings all in one place
why is that good because you can add a collaborator to your website other than
your web designer and they’ll have access to the blog’s and the booking
engine without needing to update the website itself and that’s really helpful
for teams that have web designers but you might also have an admin assistant
who does just the bookings so this dashboard is not only convenient to have
it in one place but also allows for collaboration all right so if I go to
booking services I’ll create my first service and it’s
either a class just kind of cool or an appointment so in this case as a
accountancy you’ll want an appointment so you’ll say we’ll call it a financial
strategy consultation and it only allows 30 characters so I
just have to change this financial consultation for now and then
you can add a photo to make it stand out you can just pick a stock image it only
has to be symbolic so I just went into the free stock images from a Wix calm
and we’ll just make it look like some kind of an appointment so see if I can
get two people talking oh this looks like well they’re having a consultation
meeting right there so it’s a financial consultation you can choose what
category so in this case we can go ahead and pick out strategy we can add a description we can add
certain members of your staff which is really great because then people can
choose which member of their staff they want to work with or you can adjust the
availability of each staff member within the booking engine you can say how long
it is so we’ll just say it’s a 30-minute session zero time between appointments
or we can say I want at least 15 minutes before each session and we can make it
free or paid so in this case we’ll just say it’s a free consultation and we’ll
mention that right here and where’s the consultation going to be it’s going to
be online is it at your place or their place let’s go to their place and we’re gonna save the service so as
you see the by putting in filling in the blanks on the back end it’s going to
build everything we need onto the site itself I’m going to publish the site and let’s go ahead and take a preview
I’m gonna exit that page because it needs to the code needs to rebuild let’s
click on book online and right now it’s kind of logged on as
me so it may not show the dashboard that other people would see instead it’s my
dashboard as if I were signed in okay so it’s actually in my own account so we can’t see the bookings but if we
were to go ahead and go live with this site then you’ll see there is a place
for people to go in there and book an appointment for you and then of course I
try to do the settings and it asks us for a premium plan so bookings is a
premium service that you would need to pay through Wix calm I don’t want to get
too much more detail into bookings I just want to give you a brief overview
if you want more details again check us out at the webmaster academy dot online
that is the agency website in this case an accountancy website template from Wix
com does anybody have any comments or questions right looks good thank you everyone for
being here if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to the channel
whichever platform you’re on and I’ll do more videos like these give me a comment
I like to know what parts of the presentation really stand out to you so
then I can focus on that in the future remember I’m here for you guys so again
thank you everyone for being here I hope that this time was productive and at
least gave you some things to think about when you design your own website
or designing websites for others thanks again everybody and I’m glad you were
here check us out at webmaster academy dot online I’ll see you guys next time
bye bye

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