A First Drive

Today, we have something extra special for
you guys, and you guys will be some of the first people outside of our team and outside
of Google to ever ride in it. There it is! Oh wow! Isn’t that cute? Go ahead and buckle up. Ok Annie, here we go! Alright let’s go! There’s no steering wheel in the way. Chris Urmson: It was a big decision for us to go and start building our purpose-built vehicles.
And really they’re prototype vehicles. They were a chance for us to explore: what does
it really mean to have a self-driving vehicle. But in the small amount of time we’ve been
working on it, we have functional prototypes and that’s exciting. Thida: Oh, it’s really
cool! It’s like really kind of a space age experience. Annie and Judy: Okay. Hurray!
We’re like queens. You sit, relax, you don’t need to do nothing. It knows when it needs
to stop, it knows when it needs to go. It actually rides better than my own car. Yes.
It’s true. Walt and Linda: What she really liked was that it slowed down before it went
around a curve. And then it accelerated in the curve. She’s always trying to get me to
do it that way. That’s the way I Iearned in high school driver’s ed. Janet and Ethan:
So if I had a self-driving car, I can spend more time hanging out with my kids, or helping
them with their homework, even just tending to them, finding out how their day was and
not having to wait till you get home and have dinner and all that so, it’ll be good. Nick:
The human feeling of it is very well-engineered and it is very smooth. There is nothing that
makes you feel the least bit threatened. It’s impressive! I’m totally in love with this
whole concept. Steve: Our lives are made up of lots and lots of little things, and a lot of those
little things for most people have to do with getting from place to place, in order to connect
and do things, and be with people, go places that they need to go and do things. And so
there is a big part of my life that’s missing, and there is a big part of my life that a
self-driving vehicle would bring back to me. Chris: This is a first step for us, and it’s
really exciting to see the progress we’ve made. The opportunity for people to just move
around and not worry about it, it’s going to be incredibly empowering and incredibly
powerful for people. Steve: I love this!

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