A Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student

Hi, I’m Poppy and I’m a first year Computer
Science student here at the University of Birmingham. I’ve just got onto campus from
the train station and now let’s head off to Computer Science. My day generally starts
here in the Computer Science building. It’s really modern and has lots of brilliant facilities
for us to use, such labs, meeting rooms and social spaces. It’s open 24/7 for us I just
swipe in using my ID card and work at a time that’s suitable for me, which is really useful.
This morning I’m heading into the lab for a software workshop to do some programming.
One of the key parts of the course is learning how to programme. I have weekly taught labs
in the first semester where I get to go through exercises to learn more skills. I originally
worried that everyone was going to know loads about programming and that I’d be left behind.
I didn’t need to worry though as the course is taught from scratch, so even if you’ve
never programmed before, you’ll be fine. Between lectures there’s normally a quick chance to
catch up with friends and talk about the assignments and things that are happening that week. In
my average week I’ll have about twenty hours of lectures, labs and tutorials, covering
all of the different modules that we take in first year. I also have a module called
Robot Programming, where we work in teams to programme Lego NXT robots to solve challenges
like the maze over there. It’s a really great module that’s a lot of fun but I also learn
a lot, such as teamwork skills, problem solving and a chance to put some knowledge about artificial
intelligence from the first semester into practice. Now I’m done for the day it’s time
to head home and have dinner with my flat mates.


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