#78 Project Introduction Maths Game HTML, CSS & JavaScript

In this session we are going to create a nice web site from scratch using H.M.S. assets and javascript’s . Again this is going to be a good apposing easy for us to review and practice all the skills we have learned in those three chapters. Our website this time is going to be a game. So this game is going to check how well our users know their multiplication table up to 10. So let’s go through the game and see how it works. So once we click on the Start button we will see a 60 second countdown starting OK. And we will get our first question. So the question is going to be a multiplication operation consisting of two numbers between 1 and 10 . OK so we have multiple choices here. So we need to pick up the right answer. If we get the right answer then we’re going to get a green message correct. And our score goes up by 1. And also we’re going to get. And your question if we pick up the wrong answer then we get a read message. And if we keep getting wrong answers we keep getting the same message. Try again. And once we get the correct answer then the score goes up by 1 again and we get a new question. We can reset the game any sign by clicking on the reset button. And it’s I’m going to continue until 0 seconds. And once it’s zeros and then we’re going to get a nice game over message saying your score is whatever the score is. So first of all we start by building the skeleton of the websites by creating all the ASML components behind us and then we’re going to add some CSS styling and decoration using some nice CSSA properties like box shadows and gradients. And finally we can write the javascript code and create our game

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