5 Genuine Hacks to Fix Online Gaming Lag!

After watching this video you can finally
stop worrying about those frustrating laggy online gaming experiences because today I
am gonna give five genuine techniques to finally to this problem to rest! Hey guys! My name is Masroor Baig and before we start
let me just quickly educate you with two basic concepts to better understand this problem
and ultimately fix it for once. Bandwidth and Latency. Bandwidth is the total amount of data that
can flow at a gives time between your computer and the internet, just like how water flows
through a pipe, a wider pipe causes greater amount of water to flow at a time. Similarly, having higher bandwidth leads to
greater data flow at a point of time. So on the other hand, while latency which
means delay, in networking it determines how fast data travels between your computer and
the internet. So having low latency is good because it means
there is less delay in data flow. So bandwidth and latency in combination determine
how good is your internet connection for online gaming. Ideal internet connection for smooth online
gaming requires appropriate bandwidth availability, but most importantly, low latency. I say appropriate bandwidth because not all
games require same amount of bandwidth but all require that consistent, stable low latency
connection to run game smoothly. With these five hacks we are gonna achieve
the best lag online gaming experience, before we do that make sure you give this video a
thumbs up, lets see if we can get 500 like for this video. One most common and frequent cause of lag
is due to insufficient bandwidth caused by bandwidth being absorbed by other devices
connected to your network and the way to deal with this problem is simple, just block those
devices from your network, or limit their bandwidth usage. I have made two whole videos explaining both
in detail, yo can access those videos by clicking on the button on the top right corner. This technique will help you to devote more
bandwidth towards online gaming. I know there are many of you guys who do online
gaming over WiFi and that’s a bad practice. Because online gaming over WiFi increases
latency due to atmospheric interferences with WiFi’s radio waves which leads to high latency
in gameplay, inspite of having a good internet connection. So instead I would reccomend gaming over hard
wired ethernet connection as there is almost zero atmospheric interference and helps you
keep latency at bay. But what if you want to stick to WiFi connection
for online gaming for some reason. Then I would suggest you to give a second
thought over your router placement. Placing them at a higher open ground like
your cupboard for example will enable you to receive higher reception signals over greater
distance, this helps you improve in both bandwidth and latency. Some people have come up with this crazy idea
of placing soda cans over router antennas, claiming it multiples WiFi range, I don’t
know how far it works because I haven’t tried it yet. But you can give that a shot too. You may think this technique is kind of weird
but this actually comes in handy many times, unplug your router for good 10 seconds and
plug it back in. And you’ll see most of your problems solved. Generally people have a tendency of keeping
their routers running all day long, which wears them down. And it leads to down scaled performance. Instead I would recommend you to routinely
reset your router and also importantly update its firmware by navigating to your router
settings and it helps your router to work at optimum performance. Now apart from all that there are also background
programs within your computer that take up a lot of your bandwidth, to get rid of those,
you need to go to task manager and then go to the network list. Find if any program is consuming considerable
amount of bandwidth which you otherwise think is useless and unnecessary. You can shut them down by clicking End task. This could save you a sizeable amount of bandwidth
for your online gaming. If non of those tricks worked for you, which
otherwise should then I would simply recommend you to get a better and faster internet connection
for smoother online gaming. I hope you all found this video useful, if
you did then forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more content just
like this. That’s it for this video, I’ll see you in
my next one.


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