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In this video we will give you five easy tips
to speed up your broadband at home. Tip 1: Secure your Wi-Fi
Make sure you have secured your wireless connection with a password. This will protect you from
hackers and stop neighbours being able to piggyback on your connection which can slow
you down. Tip 2: Put your router in the right place
If you find that your broadband is too slow, you may want to reposition your router. If
you are using multiple devices utilising the wireless network in your home, try to place
the router somewhere central between them so they can all get a decent connection.
It is also useful to keep it out of cupboards — especially metal ones which can affect
your WiFi signal. Tip 3: Clean your PC
A cluttered PC can also be a factor in slowing down your broadband. Cleaning up your computer
by deleting old files, shutting down bandwidth heavy programs – such as spotify – and clearing
your browsers cookies and history. Tip 4. Fit a powerline adapter
If there are parts of your home that receive poor connectivity a way to avoid running extra
cables around your house is to use a powerline adapter.
Simply plug your modem into a power line adapter and connect it to a spare electrical socket.
Then in the low connectivity room, simply connect another powerline adapter. The connection
will run through the electrical copper wire and increase your broadband’s range. Tip 5. Switch provider
If you are still struggling to speed up your broadband, you may consider switching providers.
at broadbandchoices.co.uk you can simply type in your postcode and we will show you available
deals in your area.

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