33- Libre Office – Calc, Open Office — Calc, Excel Tutorial — Add Hyperlink Index page

now on my summary sheet I might have
multiple tabs with different various data on there to get to them quickly I’m going to
create a little index here we’ll call it… let me click on the box and make this thing active Chicago Atlanta New York and Detroit for these I’m going to highlight this and click on the link then I want this to
be in the target document and I want this to be Chicago apply close next one Atlanta attach a link atlanta apply close apply close and I missed Chicago I didn’t link
that properly lets do it again hyperlink in the document range name… Chicago apply close there we go now we see the URL and you
can do things in a a different document in your mail you
can do different paths so but I’m just doing it within
the document I’m applying this close and we can do
this with New York hyperlink New York apply close apply close and Detroit Link to Detroit apply close apply close so now when I’m on here, we notice that it
goes from an arrow to a hand and it quickly takes me to
Chicago another way to go from tab to tab is holding
down control and page down control pager up thats a handy way if you don’t want to click on there and the other way is with
creating these links to Detroit and I could put one on here
maybe to take me back to the summary page as a quick link but because
these are all only four part it’s not a big deal but
if I had many many tabs going off the page you might wanna
create a little index page from there you can click back and forth there’s
one more thing I wanted to show in this section and that’s to move a sheet
to another document and to do that we would click on the tab here if you
have multiple tabs I would will downshift her control and click on
the tabs I want to move or copy and click and move copy then I want to copy this into the brand new document so I’m saying a new document and clicking OK it opens up the new document and shows
us that there’s only one page so if I wanna move this now to another
spreadsheet when I click move it won’t allow it because there’s
only one tab some I”m going to add a tab it giving us
spreadsheet 2 now when I move this I can move this to another spreadsheet and I’ll place it insert it before sheet 2 and click OK and we see that it’s gone from this new
document and this is where we originally got it
copied it from and here is another spreadsheet and we can see it put it between
spreadsheet 1 and 2 there’s our document or that sheet I should say all all cool all

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