#31 LaraShop55 || Laravel checkout Cart || Shopping cart Website development in Laravel with Ajax

okay in the last we have a just made
this action LP is saying wrong : and if I have a valid Cooper it is
applied and insert ID user ID whose use this with information of your coupon
okay coupon ID if I insert again it will say
your already use this coupon so in this video we will next little update for
that where we are saying applied here we will update this column okay so for that
I will just make this and stop it fear start EFT at the end
just copy that all this data just simply just copy
we are you are saying this one okay here you will copy this is side table and
your that’s it okay we need to copy this and paste here okay and this is not a
blade file so our PHP bleep not working here laravel play not working but our
simple PHP coding much just put here replace this here same color close PHP
echo Carter know when everything is of a is new one just refresh okay delete the
entry try to insert coupon again well it one okay ABC XY get applied okay it’s a
return because I am I don’t need a lot I need a place here
some data let me show you I just say response put this create a
new ID for your Bill Carter yes car total is okay dot HTML and put response
here that’s it you will use this yeah you are using replace that data
aha yeah here put here that’s it reload I need to again this delete it
refresh ABC X Y get ok I have a error Oh God not found God not found where we are
very card not found okay I can’t I need to use hair cut hair top
let me try again I think it was reseller ABC X right yet ok
yes Moo that’s ok now so when data coming from your car controller you have
to add here new total after you discount for that at they are at to be just for
spacing all spent – because it’s – liner here you will say at yeah PD bond here
close after that put two times is this in granddaughter after discount ok after
this now you can’t modify this after discount you will fetch wrong
your data here one didn’t you simply watch a did you hear you will say
discount okay this out what SanDisk okay this will be discount this one you will
put here simply okay variable it’s a dollar sign necessary
it’s it will be HR for lining discount and after discount your new what we load
let me delete again because it’s one-time coupon ABC XY get now you can
see it’s to okay no need to low sign here okay two percent see 62 percent C 7
T is his new granddaughter after your discount so you can say it’s only total
its discount its grand total something is after okay just don’t need this one
okay now next when we are showing the error message then which will be let me
show you yeah here is your totally am with
something wrong Cooper you know copper messages right but we need to show our
simple data for that just copy again this this one okay copy and we are
showing the raw data here you will say let me hold PHP here we already put here
and just fit the data okay and you will see if class class and a
boot shop alert a lot not voice warning okay warning it’s okay
but yellow let me see ABC again valid coupon okay you already
use this coupon and here is a blade side that’s why it’s showing like that okay
just add a simple PHP eco copy 50th penny Coleman died last close the PHP
after flesh and colons and PHP close PHP stock that’s it
no hat same coupon again it will shake your roll let me use this coupon NGOs
you’re still note any discount okay so when user enters wrong it is uncle just
copy this data okay copy put here just stop here to be
here start here okay that’s it and yeah here you can say copy no you don’t need this one you put here coupon code you can modify your
medicinally here error okay save it no we can check all three okay first of
all wrong one yeah a lot is not worked why that oh I am sorry
it’s a danger how stupid okay okay Rock open code you
entered and entered the fight wrong coupon code you entered now add right
one okay you already use this coupon now delete a new coupons you can spose new
hookman adding is your discount data now after the checkout I have one more thing
I am showing okay here is I have error I have to fix that because here if I click
here it will go to checkout okay let me show you check out where
it’s not new phase of checkout I add address okay so let me fill fix that
link okay index is caught here is input somewhat I
don’t need this input submit okay check out let me check again check out okay we
are here it’s new table I created same name of model I created new code you can
get from your my github okay let me show you I am entering my delivery address
that’s why I put the name is D address default delivery okay and my email is
all day all working validation okay let me show you the validation click on the
place order okay here is the validation so let me enter the all value right okay
phone numbers for CP is my state India summer girls on
ma just enter the place order it will go
hit the dysfunction let me show you here it’s it’s validation after the
validation is insert the data to your disable is empty I just deleted the
entry front of you place order okay I think must behave okay its minimum of
five correct or city name oh I don’t know why okay you can change the
validation as you need okay a grass and tree click on the place order it go to
thank you it’s just empty page okay and entry goes to here okay and your order
save here order order products everything is here
okay everything is fine so let me show you the car car is destroyed because we
are the hair car destroy the deck – thank you thank you page the same part
let me show you thank you is just saying thank you all for you I will upload on
the makita just go to my github and grab de Leite this code ok thank you
you just wait for next part thank you


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