2013 Web Development at Humber

Caroline Shaw: Tonight we’re having our portfolio show which happens at the end of May every year. I have a couple
of projects in my portfolio. One of them is a website targeted towards people who are traveling across the country and are looking for something to do. We do
a lot of ASP.NET in this program as well as PHP. Now I kind of have
a better framework of the industry standard and what other people are doing. Bernie Monette: The Web Development program is a one-year Ontario post-graduate certificate. We run it as a simulation. So the students are always working on projects and projects always have a client so the students are always in a situation where they have to negotiate what is going to be built. Acer Alhashimi: This gives me a wide spectrum
of choices in terms of the jobs that I would qualify for and even for me
to see where my strength is and where I would feel more comfortable and successful in a job. Scott Snowden: We’re a ten-person company and right now 40% of our staff have come through Humber. We really like the Web Development certificate course that we’re here to see tonight because it gives the students and applied understanding of the programming and of web development technologies and this gives them that skill to kind of come in and hit the
ground running when they come in and start working for us. I’ve taken a pretty good
look at a lot of the portfolios that I’ve seen tonight and it’s really encouraging to
see that people are trying new things and working with the latest technology and we’re really excited to be able to interview some of the students that we’ve seen tonight. Steve Bosworth: It’s probably the busiest year of my life it’s been [laughs] but in a really good way. You know, it’s kind
of amazing now at the end of the semester to look back and see just how
far we’ve come in the eight-nine months it’s been since we started and how many projects we’ve built. It’s kind of amazing how much we’ve done.

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