13 Cat Videos That Justify the Internet

-Speedo! MILES: Oh! I like when the big cat’s like,
nah, I don’t like you, homie. Get out of my house. [MUSIC PLAYING] LIZZIE: It’s the Caturday MILES: Caturday! LIZZIE: Caturday! MILES (SINGING): Caturday! Caturday! LIZZIE: Where would we be,
as an internet culture, without cat videos? MILES: I can’t even think of
what the alternative would be in a cat video-less world. LIZZIE: Let’s just say
there’d be no internet. What you just saw was a
kitten in a tiny hat getting slapped straight in the face. MILES: The cat– and the hat
blew off it got hit so hard. LIZZIE: “Kitten in
a Tiny Hat” clearly is a classic example of the
one-hit-wonder cat video. Many more of these
on the interwebs. This video, “Excuse Me,”
has over 2 million views. MILES: Bye. LIZZIE: Another
classic one-hit-wonder is the “Surprised Kitty.” -Gootchie, gootchie,
gootchie, gootchie. Ga! MILES: Wee. [GIGGLES] -Gootchie, gootchie, gootchie. Ga! Gootchie, gootchie, gootchie. Ga! LIZZIE: This was
uploaded in 2009. It has 74 million views. MILES: The cat just might
be terrified, though. Does anyone ever think– LIZZIE: No, it’s
having a great time. MILES: How do you know? You speak cat? LIZZIE: Yes. MILES: Oh. LIZZIE: Obviously, one of
the most iconic internet cats is, of course, Tartar Sauce,
better known as Grumpy Cat. She’s beautiful. 15 million views. She just turned two
years old, by the way. MILES: Grumpy Cat’s only two? LIZZIE: She’s only two. MILES: Isn’t there, like,
a bunch of merchandise too? Like Grumpy Cat merchandise? LIZZIE: Yeah. Grumpy Cat’s revenue
is over $100 million. I hope you bought that
cat something nice. Do your best Grumpy Cat face. It’s good, but like– MILES (GROWLING): Me Grumpy Cat. So they say dogs are
just blindly loyal, but cats are thinkers. [MUSIC PLAYING] MILES (GROWLING):
The cat is thinking about things I never
even thought about. LIZZIE: Henri is also involved
with the Friskies competition for the best internet cat video. The voting is open from now all
the way up until September 8. And for every vote,
Friskie is donating a can of cat food, which
is very nice of them. ALEX: I don’t even
know how to tell you how great this video is. [MUSIC PLAYING] ALEX: Every time! It’s funny every time! It’s the whole
body just goes, Ah! This is from 2012. It has over 14 million views,
and it is from Veronica Duff. EARNEST: Thank
you, Veronica Duff. ALEX: The only video
I ever watched more than this one– “Nonono Cat.” -Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no. [LAUGHING] -Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no– ALEX: No, no, no, no, no. -Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. EARNEST: No, no, no, no, no. [LAUGHING] EARNEST: The owner is,
like, really proud, too, that they got their
cat to say no. And I don’t know,
like, what purpose that– well, 10 million
views is a purpose, I’d say. ALEX: [LAUGHING] Look
at his mouth move. EARNEST: So we’ve
seen cute cats. We’ve seen funny cats. Let me show you my
favorite cat video, which is a surprising cat video. It’s a cat video
so great, the cat’s not even in the video
for most of the video. ALEX: This worries me. EARNEST: What you’re looking
at is a bit of exposed pipe. There’s a cat
stuck in this pipe. ALEX: Oh, no! Oh-ho! EARNEST: It is the
most surprising cat– cat– I can’t even. ALEX: It is the most
surprising cat– cat– cat– can’t even cat. EARNEST: This cat fell into
the pipe and got stuck. The fireman had to hook a
leaf blower up to this pipe to shoot the cat out. But the cat was not hurt. I think the fireman
adopted the cat. ALEX: Aw! EARNEST: Like, the guy
who came up with the idea was just like– thank God. ALEX: He said, oh, one piece! CARLY: I’ve been
waiting for Caturday since I started working
here last September. And Ali, you know Simon’s cat. TOGETHER: I love Simon’s cat. CARLY: The most popular cat,
I would argue, actually, on the internet. [SOUND OF SHOWER AND HUMMING] ALI: Oh, there he goes. CARLY: He’s so cute! ALI: Simon’s cat is the perfect
depiction of life with a cat. Like, your cat is always
going out of it’s way to try and mess your life up
in, like, the cute, fuzzy way. Simon Tofield is a really
popular English animator. The really impressive
thing about this is it’s hand animated. It takes him a really
long time to do each one. It has 1.9 million views. ALI: I think Alex is our cat. CARLY: Except, he’s
less cute and cuddly. ALI: I don’t know if
you’re prepared for how cute this video’s going to be. This little baby, Conner,
is having trouble sleeping. And along comes Stewie the
cat– his little magic paw. [FUSSING] CARLY: Oh, I don’t like
babies, and this is sweet. CARLY: Oh wow! He just knocked
out so instantly. ALI: This video was brought
to us by Aaron Grant. And it’s got over
12 million views. I think half a million
of those views are mine. CARLY: Happy Caturday! ALI: Happy Caturday! CARLY: Yeah! LIZZIE: This is one of my
all-time favorite cat videos. I love it so much. [THEREMIN NOISE] LIZZIE: Huh? [THEREMIN NOISE] MILES: [CHUCKLES] LIZZIE: I love its one
eye that’s like– no, no. [THEREMIN NOISE] [LAUGHING] LIZZIE: That’s why
Ilike it so much. MILES: Cats have a lot
of different talents, like a laying down and purring. LIZZIE: Yes. MILES: But they’re also
great acrobats and athletes. Behold “Purrkour.” [MUSIC PLAYING] MILES: Oh, sick jump! This cat don’t care. It’s like, I’ve got
three lives left, and I’m running
like I have nine. And the owner, Robert
Dollwet, he has over 33 years experience training
animals, so I think he knows what he’s doing. LIZZIE: Wow. My cats are pieces of crap. They can’t do this. MILES: That was a
beautiful look at cats. A lovely way to
spend your Caturday. LIZZIE: We have so
many more cat videos for you in a playlist
after the show. And we also want to know
which one you’re favorite was. MILES: And now, to play us out– TOGETHER: Self. [MUSIC – SELF, “RUNAWAY”]


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