11 Weird Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!

This is not even–This is not good. This is frustrating me because Oh, there we go, now it’s a tie. Draw! Ok I’m gettin’ SHOOK (Bryan): Shook-nasty. (Matt): And h– (Record scratch) What? (Bryan): What? What did you just say? Shook-nasty? [The Embodiment of the 80s] Hello, and welcome to episode two of W-W-W-Weird
*zooms in* weird, weird, weird, weird Websites
*zooms out* This is Bryan over here. He’s– (Bryan rudely sticks face in shot) here to heckle me (SHOOK-NASTY MATT) How many times have I got to tell you to not show your face Today you didn’t even do your hair! And you think you’re gonna be on my channel, dude?! (Bryan): This is the look. The hooded-look.
*shows self again, this time with the hood on* (Matt laughs) Guys, we’re gonna take a look at ten really weird websites (11) that YOU suggested in the comments. So, if you wanna be a part of this series, make sure you suggest more weird websites down in the comments below.
*gasps for air* And- I will take a look at these bold, beautiful BOOTYLICIOUS WEBSITES (wtf Matt?) Actually, we’re not going to go into any of those websites I don’t know why I said that That’s not this channel. Sorry! Okay?
*o…kay(?)* *Transition music* First website is called “Movie Star Planet”
*www.moviestarplanet.com* This is like, a really top voted website that ya’ll really wanted me to check out. Start by selecting a girl or a boy. I don’t know about you, but does that look like Miley or–(laughs) It looks like Miley, right? I don’t really identify as either of these, but OK Woah, what’s this? What is that? What even IS that? I don’t have many options for noses. Mine’s a wide nose, I have blue eyes, right? Calm down, dude. Woah, jeez. (Matt contemplating hair) No. I ha–. This is probably the closest I can get, right? Oof, that is not me. Random boy, OK So, shirt top. Stop. What is the leg spanking? Stop it, dude. Wh-Why? That’s probably closest, right? That’s probably closest. I even got a necklace on, see? But what does MSP mean? Oh Movie Star Pers– Planet (rich boy laugh) Whoops… Wh–! (Cringe noises) No, I, no, no thank you That’s my, that’s supposed to be me I guess *Five-star commentary* I’m gon–, I’m gonna mimic him Ready? (Luna’s going to be so embarrassed) Gimme it.
*poor baby Luna* (Bryan laughs) *Leg spanking* (Bryan): I guess that’s how movie stars act. (Matt): Yeah, man. You don’t know movie stars. They’re a bit…zany They’re a bit crazy. *Transition music* The next website is called Procanitor.
*www.procanitor.com* so I-I assume it’s- has to do with- Procastinating… *a moment of silence* Procastinating? *laughs* *eyes focus on camera* Procrastinating.. and cats.
*eyes focus on PC or something* sooo.. this is what we get. we get a cat- Just jumping off into the abyss- poor cat, just… -met his demise. who knows how high this is. this could be a seriously high building. I mean- this is a super famous cat meme. ya’ know? so, show me another cat! we got some- *Bongo music(?)
DOPE music with it. *continues bongo music* *Matt joins the jam*
*Music gets even more LIT* *Matt sways head to the music*
DK music, am I right? *still jammin’ along*
(Matt’s thoughts: ok, relaxation over! focus on video!) Next cat! Oh. He’s- he’s real upset about that… He’s like,
“*almost close to a whisper tone* enough! ENOUGH!”
*fyi, music name is Wind of Change* That is SO bad quality(?)
*eye squints* What- did they- -zoom in on a GIF? What is this garbage? Man, that poor child… Most of those cats just- ob- obliterated that baby…
(Bryan: *sorta laughs*) that I- TOO SOON TO WATCH, SON! *Calm cat with a lettuce on its head, while the breeze hits both of em. while a mexican song is playing in the background What is this one This looks like my lunch…
*your excuse me, what now?* That’s right. *Transition Music* Next wipe-site- *he literally said that, not typo* -is called “Scream into The Void”
*www.screamintothevoid.com* Evidently, you type your feelings in here- -and then, you scream them into the void- and THIS- -could supposably be cathartic. i-it’s supposably cath-we- uh Cathartic experience.. so that you can lift the weight off of your shoulders- -of things that are burdening you, so… Let me… Think about what’s burdening me right now… -and let’s see if this is- uh- a good experience- a healthy- ya’ know- mind… -resetting.. state that I wanna be in… “type your feelings here.” *typing noises*
*typing with FULL concentration* *a male voice screaming, Matt slightly cringes* *scream fades into nothingness and face expression shifts back to normal* “Glad nobody read that! *laughs* Whoops. *moar tap tap typing on the keyboard*
*facial expressions vary from here* *clicks the “Scream” button* *the male screaming voice is back*
*Matt doesnt look pleased* *yo?* *string instrument song plays*
*Matt gets into a more “calmer” state of mind after being brainwa- I mean screaming into the void.* that’s better^^ Bryan, what do you got here?


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