10 Funny situations that show how much the internet has changed our lives. Gadgets and technology play a part in our lives. But it literally is just a part. Don’t ever succumb to panic. Real life is definitely still out there, despite the huge effect that the internet has to modern life. Nevertheless, it’s funny to think about the hundreds of little ways it has changed our behavior. Here are ten of the ones we’ve noticed. How many do you recognize? “That’s it. You’re going home right now!” Anyone who is born before the internet era, remembers this phrase. A few dozen years ago, kids ran home only if their favorite TV show was about to start. These days, it’s almost impossible to make them play outside the house. Well sometimes they do go outside. But, only if you allow them to take their gadgets with them. Before the internet era, we used to take a real camera with us on our trips. “That’s us on the mountain!” “That’s us feeding a giraffe!” “That’s us near a waterfall!” Your friends would say: “Wow nice shots!” “It seems you had a great time!” These days, well, this is the most popular kind of photo on Instagram. How are your friends supposed to comment to this? “Hi Bob’s legs! You look great as usual!” You can literally put someone else’s feet on your Instagram. No one will notice the difference Staying on the top of the photos here is an ordinary situation from the good ol’ times “Did you pack the camera, honey?” “Sure! hope there’s enough film.” Moving on to these days “Did you pack the selfie stick?” Sure! and I am using it right now! Smile! [Camera Clicking] Years ago you had to call a newspaper to place your ad to sell a car. Sometimes you even had to visit their office. Then, potential buyers would keep calling you to get the details, day after day. Welcome to today. You just click click click on Facebook and done here you go “Hey guys. I’m selling my car, please share, repost!” as easy as pie! Is there anyone who has never been in the next situation? You go to the bathroom, lock the door, ready to spend some time alone? And “Damn it! Bring me some toilet paper!” you screamed so desperately, even the neighbors could hear you. What a shame. But, there is no other way that time. Nowadays, the problem is solved a few clicks on your phone and a toilet paper is delivered to you by one of your family members. Just don’t forget to take your phone to the bathroom. Who knows what else you might need there! Now, what did we usually do when cooking went a bit wrong? “Mom, mom! Can you help me?” These days, it’s more like “Okay. Google, how do I make soup?” “And here you go.” thousands of recipes thousands and thousands. However, I still do prefer calling my mom. Mom always knows better than Google. Let’s move on. You guys these days still flirt on the street. Years ago, they said something like “Hey, does your mom need a new son-in-law?” girls used to roll their eyes. But, I swear each of them secretly dreamed of being in a situation like this, just in order to roll their eyes and proudly pass by. These days you hardly meet people in person anymore. Instead you get personal messages something like “Hey, sweetie, what’s the difference between you and a shining star?” you can still roll your eyes, but no one would see it. Okay, let’s say that lucky guy got the girl. They have a nice date and suddenly the next situation pops up. “How dare you?!” “You are staring at her?! Look away, look away now.” These days, the worst accusation is “You liked her photo!” And you know what you have to do next. You’ll spend a night deleting all your likes you left for other girls. Just kidding! Now do you remember that pain of waiting for the next episode of your favorite TV show? We had to wait for a week? Nowadays, you can download three seasons of your favorite show all together and binge on them during the weekend. Weee! There’s only one problem. The next season is not for another year. Now, what do you picture if I say the word: pirate? Yeah some brave man wearing a hat with a sword and a parrot. Back in the day, pirates were chasing treasure all around the world. These days pirates look more like this. Their treasure is free media all over the internet. And they don’t even have to leave their houses to get it. Looking for an answer to some question? We used to dream if only we had access to all the world’s knowledge. But only books in a library where our salvation back in the day. Nowadays, it’s 3 AM, you’re supposed to be up at 6 AM, but, you suddenly need to know what celery dreams about. Yes, it’s really important right now. Of course the internet and technology have changed our lives in other ways as well. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below down. Don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button! And if you’re visiting our channel for the first time, click subscribe!

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