10 Videos They Tried To Erase From The Internet

These leaked videos keep surfacing all over
the internet despite allegations of repeated attempts of keeping their stories hidden. Let’s analyze these videos together and
sort out the rumors from the facts. 10. A Russian astronaut recently found a hole
inside of their spacecraft and no one knows how it got there to begin with. Watch this part and try to translate what
he is saying if you can. Perhaps it will give us some clues. The
hole appears to be manmade and even was covered with a piece of material to conceal it, which
to me indicates an act of intentional sabotage. My only question is why would someone drill
a hole in the wall to begin with. The wall does not seem to be very important
and they can still fully operate the spacecraft regardless. The hole appeared after the Russian craft
docked aboard the International Space Station. Now NASA and Russia are working on a secret
investigation to determine who created the hole and if it was sabotage. Let me know what you think happened on this
spaceship based on what you’ve seen in this video. 9. This leaked video of a factory in China has
allegedly been traced back to a popular American retail chain, at least according to the uploader
of this undercover video, a person known only as Citizen Satyarthi. Here you can see small kids doing assembly
line work to create mass amounts of a cheap plastic toy. Almost everything in this large manufacturing
plant is done by hand, which means repetitive tasks and presumably long hours. At 2 minutes and 5 seconds they show a wall
of boxes that might help us determine if this video is real or not. Let me know if you have seen these boxes with
purple markings in a stockroom or warehouse near you. If so, it could be a coincidence, or it could
mean they have direct ties to this facility after all. 8. This older video from Japan seems to suggest
that military cloaking technology has been available for quite some time. It almost looks like a top secret promotional
sales video that somehow got leaked to the public over the years. Here you can see a Japanese soldier covered
in reflective materials that are designed to bend light around his body, rendering him
completely invisible. Listen to this part and try to translate what
he is saying if you can. I have a feeling they are talking about the
materials used for this light-bending suit and how they work. After this brief explanation you finally get
to see the suit in action. You can still see the man pretty well when
they move, but when they are standing still it looks almost impossible to detect. It’s hard to tell if this is special effects
or a real cloaking suit. If this is real, then I can only imagine the
technology has gotten even better over the years and is now virtually impossible to detect,
even with motion. 7. michael manzo thinks there is something wrong
with the snow. He grabs some from outside and attempts to
melt it with a butane lighter. For some reason, it becomes blackened by the
flame but otherwise remains in one solid piece. Next, Michael takes more snow and holds it
over an open stove. Somehow, the snow fails to melt in the slightest
despite being held over an intense heat source twice. This leads michael manzo to conclude that
this is some sort of artificially modified substance made to look like snow, presumably
from weather experiments of some kind. Let me know what you make of this video because
I honestly have no idea how this could be possible. 6. This underground hacking convention shows
how easy it is to undermine society using basic spy tools that cost next to nothing. For example, this device is designed to look
like a USB charger. The true purpose of this device is actually
to monitor what everyone is typing into their phones and computers within a certain radius. Everything from usernames and passwords to
credit card information can be lifted using one of these chargers. It also actually recharges devices like normal. The whole point is to make sure the device
looks as ordinary as possible so as not to cause any suspicion. You could walk by someone hacking your entire
life and never know it. This simple children’s messaging toy has
been recoded with an app that can access into cell phones, garage openers and other basic
radio frequency systems. The full video is over fifty minutes long
and filled with various equipment and exploits that are quiet and carefully concealed. It just goes to show no security system is
ever entirely safe, especially in this era of advanced strategies. 5. World powers have been locked in a secret
underground race to control the fate of the atmosphere itself. China, Russia and the US are working on a
new microwave technology that can jam radio signals by heating up a small portion of the
sky to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This new technology puts out up to 260 megawatts
of energy into the atmosphere at a time, roughly the equivalent of an entire city, and blocks
all major frequencies from receiving signal. Now it seems the US has taken the technology
and put it on fighter jets. We still aren’t sure what heating up the
atmosphere will do to the earth in the long-run, but it could possibly worsen existing environmental
problems. It’s also hard to tell what effects this
will have on nearby civilian populations, though I doubt it will be anything good. Based on what you’ve seen here, let me know
if you think the world has gone too far with this technology, and if we should put limits
on its usage. 4. This leaked video supposedly captures a secret
anti-gravity experiment conducted by the government in broad daylight. A military helicopter rises in the air without
moving its blades, all while making a magnetic humming sound the entire time. Listen to how bizarre distorted droning becomes
more distant as the helicopter somehow flies away. There definitely seems to be something aboard
causing that sound, perhaps an experimental anti-gravitational device. I don’t know about you, but that definitely
does not look or sound like a normal helicopter to me. I have heard that helicopters can sometimes
look like this depending on the camera that’s recording it, but if someone could provide
me with a more concrete explanation, I would really appreciate it. Until then, I have to wonder if this really
was a government antigravity experiment taken within plain sight of the public. 3. This video experiment proves something which
many governments do not want the general public to know: turning objects invisible is actually
way easier than you would think. Look what happens when this Youtuber lowers
a basic glass test tube into vegetable oil. This simple experiment proves that certain
liquids can actually bend light around an object to render it invisible. The key is pairing the right reflective properties
with the right objects. This basic scientific principle is what governments
are currently experimenting with to create cloaking devices for humans and even aircraft
one day (if they haven’t done so already). To further prove their point, this YouTuber
pulls out a second test tube that has been hidden in the center of the glass the whole
time. Let me know if you think this experiment really
does have any military potential or if this whole idea is too farfetched to have any practical
use. 2. This video, supposedly taken somewhere along
the beaches of New York in 1959, shows an unknown creature washed ashore. It looks like it could belong to some sort
of primate species, but its torso is a little too long and its arms are a little too short,
plus its entire body is nothing but pure muscle – almost like its been experimented on. In fact, a closer look reveals that this creature
shares the combined characteristics of many different animals, everything from a panther
to a bear. If this video is to be believed, then this
creature hails from a mysterious nearby research facility called the Plum Island Animal Disease
Center. Maybe it escaped the island on its own or
maybe it was improperly disposed of by workers after they were finished with it. Either way, what purpose it served, and what
it had been infected with, if anything, has never been revealed. I do think there is a possibility that this
video is fake though because it kind of looks like it was filmed in high definition with
a grainy filter. Either way, let me know what you think about
its authenticity. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. This video supposedly comes from a captured
alien who is being held somewhere within the Area 51 outpost. When they ask it where it is from, the alien
gives a surprising response. It goes on to explain that traveling through
time is the same as traveling through space, though its answers always remain cryptic and
sometimes impossible to understand. This video is probably not real because the
alien sounds like a basic voice changer app, but then again, it does look very lifelike
and convincing at times, especially when it becomes displeased and ends the interview


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