10 great websites with Free Stock Photos and Images

Okay, so I wanna show you today about 10 really
great websites where you can get free stock images. And when I mean free, it’s free stock
photos under the creative commons cc0 license, which means that the images on these sites
are in the public domain, which let’s you use these photos with no restrictions, even
for your commercial work. In fact, you don’t even have to provide attribution, although
I think it would be nice if you do that, because these people give you these stock photos for
free. So the first one that I want to let you see is pixabay. Pixabay is a very interesting
website and if I do a search here for, let’s say, business and I click Search, then I get
here all kinds of pictures, including Shutterstock, so you just, you know, like don’t go into
that. But for instance here we have a jetplane and then here you see all kinds of other pictures
around that subject. Again, Pixabay also shows some stuff from Shutterstock, trying of course
to let you buy some stuff, but as you can see there is a wide variety of airplanes and
jet fighters and engines. Here’s a very nice picture. And you can just register and download
these pictures, yeah? Then Unsplash. I like Unsplash a lot. It’s totally different kind
of pictures. It’s from all kinds of photographers. And this is for instance by a guy called Gerard
Moonen. And you just uh… I mean this is, this is like really beautiful. This is from
Aurélien Bellanger and you just scoll through and in Unsplash they just keep adding pictures
from different photographers and as you can see, the quality of these pics are [is] really
great. So, you’ll find the link to Unsplash also under the video. By the way, all the
links to all the sites that I am showing are below the video. Then here you have Jeshoot.
Very interesting name. Jeshoot.com. Sorry, Jeshoots.com. And here you can just select
some subjects. So, let’s say preparing food for the kitchen or in the kitchen. You can
justs, you know, scroll through the pictures. This is… These pictures, I think, are all
from Jan Vasek. He is probably Czech or… Let’s see. Information by author, bla bla
bla. Yeah, he is the founder of Jeshoots. 24 year old dream Jan Vasek. Jeshoots! Very,
very, very nice website. Then here, this is, snapographic.com. Also here you have some
interesting pictures. Like for instance this, you could, like, you could use it for a background
or whatever you want. And you can also scroll categories. Like, let’s take Textures. And
here you can find all kinds of textures if you want for your video some great, you know,
background, you can all find that here. Another great website is travelcoffeebook.com. This
is a bit a weird picture, but here, this is like all kinds of travel pics and I mean here,
you can find all kinds of stuff, from Asian pics to, you know, here Nepal and here Taiwan
and they get added very regularly. Like this is from last week I think, the 5th of January
2015 and I think they are added once a week. And as you can see, there’s all kinds of pictures.
And especially if you want pictures for backgrounds this is also a great website. But you can
also, you know, like, just show pictures off on your website if you have a website about
mountains. Here you go. Then another great website is pexels.com. Here you also have…
Like, here this is a very nice black and white, for instance. And as you can see here, it
says CC0 license, free for personal and commercial use, no attribution required. All very nice
pictures also and these are mainly also nature. Then I don’t know how to exactly pronounce
this correctly but it is something like gratisography.com. Anyway, the link is down below. And here also
like a big variety of all kinds of pictures. As you can see here, there’s also some, like,
sort of art kind of pictures that you can find here to spice up your blog posts or whatever,
you know, like, you can just scroll through. And this is from Bells Design. Then there
is stokpic.com. They have also, like, a wide, wide variety of all kinds of pictures in a
sort of a grid kind of mode. And here you, again, for instance you can see the latest
100 pictures that are uploaded. And again, just scroll through. If you sell shoes or
you have a blog about shoes, you can, you know, like, take this picture or if you are
in health food then for instance you can get this picture. And again, you know, they are
all free. Then there is publicdomainarchive.com. All these images, again, are also for free
and here you have for instance vintage images as well. Here. Like all kinds of really funny
images: old books, all kinds of stuff. And you can also get a premium account and then
you bulk download all of the images from the public domain archive. So that could be interesting.
I think it is, let me see, this… 50, 50 dollars a year if you sign up now. Well, we
all know what sign up now means. It means sign up now and forever. We know the trick.
Normally it is 120 dollars a year. I am not sure that if you buy a full year now if you
have to pay the next year 120. But again, this website also has a huge amount of public
domain stock photos for free. And the last one I want to show you, is picography by Hidden
Depth. And also here there is some really, really great, great quality pictures from
all kinds… notice… yeah, also here there’s different photographers from which you can…
I mean, look at this, Dubrovnik. This is a beautiful picture. And it gives you also the
data of how the pic was taken. So, this was my list of some really great websites where
you can get free stock photos. Just check it out and check out the links below the video
where you can get more information on these websites. I just wanted to show you this.
Many of the people that watch my videos are developers, builders of websites and it’s
always good to know, you know, like that there is a really good amount of pictures that you
can use, even for clients, which are for free. So I hope you enjoy these websites and just
check out if you can use something from them, yeah? Okay, that’s it.


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