😯 NEW Hard Choice Riddles That The Internet Hasn’t Seen Yet 😲

Imagine, you’re the best special agent in
your country and today you’ve got a new secret mission – to prevent a global catastrophe. The science department has invented a special
tool that allows you to get into the mind of any person in the world to help them make
the right choice that will help to prevent a disaster. It’s time to see it in action! Are you ready? Remember that the fate of the world is at
stake. Task 1 – Fake Documents. Don’t panic! You’ve just become the president! This is only temporary, just for one decision. But your right choice will save our planet
from an alien invasion. Your personal assistant comes to your office
and another one… Wait a second, this morning you had only one
assistant… Who are the other two? They’re aliens who are trying to trick you
into signing official permission for an alien invasion! You should figure out which of them is your
real assistant and sign the documents that she brought. So, who are the aliens?? 6 fingers?! She’s definitely from another planet. The title of her binder looks strange, she’s
an alien too. She’s a human! Well done! Press the button to go to another destination. Task 2. Suspicious Candidates. Now it’s time to go become a recruiter. Your task is to hire new FBI agents. Different creatures have been trying to get
into the FBI recently, so you have to check the candidates thoroughly. Their Instagram pages are a great resource
of information. Let’s look them through to decide which
candidates are suspicious. Where’s the shadow from his hand? He’s a vampire! NO VAMPIRES IN THE FBI, PLEASE! He turned into a werewolf last night. Werewolves are out of the question! Is he a ghost or is it some kind of super
power?! Is he a gourmet chef or a zombie? It’s better not to hire him. Ok, we’re done here. Let’s move on! Task 3. Parallel Universe. You’re a scientist that has just run away
from a criminal gang. They kidnapped you to make you invent a super-powerful
weapon, but you’ve escaped. You’re running through the forest and hope
to get out of it soon. Suddenly you stumble upon a strange sign. This scientist will play an important role
in the prevention of a global catastrophe, so it’s unacceptable for him to be stuck
in a parallel universe! Which path should he choose: to stay with
us and save the world? Hurry up! The criminals are chasing you! This shadow’s definitely not right, at least,
for our universe. Take the left path, man, and get outta there! Nothing more to do here. Let’s shift to the next mission. Task 4. Strangers by the bed. Wait a minute, are you the president again? No, just a powerful businessman, phew! You’ve just found out that a woman with
criminal ties wants to seduce you to get her hands on your business. You tighten security and now are sure that
no outsider will be able to get into your office. Now it’s time to relax a bit and eat some
cookies… Hey! Where’s my cookie?! And where am I? The doctor explains to you that you fainted
in your office and the ambulance took you to the hospital. Suddenly you realize that you don’t remember
anything except your name. The ladies in front of you start to shout
and argue. Both of them claim that they’re your wife. But who’s the real one and who’s the criminal
that wants to take over your business? You’d better make the right choice. The businessman has lost his memory, but you
still have your own one to use! Do you remember that picture from the office? Then you definitely know who your real wife
is. Here she is! Security! Take away that stranger! And we move on…Task 5. Trapped. Is it a space ship? Yes! And now you’re an astronaut caught by aliens. They locked you in their stock room and are
going to kill you in a couple of hours. But you need to come back to Earth to provide
information about the aliens’ plans for an invasion! You manage to get out of the stock room and
now have to make it to your shuttle. There are three sections that could lead to
your shuttle. But their passages are too narrow for you
to squeeze into in your space suit. You have to choose one of the sections, take
your space suit off, and go through the section to the shuttle. But it’s not that easy. The first section is full of hot air that
is about 400°F. The second section contains an alien animal that breathes out gas that
is deadly for almost all creatures in the Universe. The third section’s half-full of acid that
can burn a whole body in just a few seconds. Which section will you go through? Time is running out! It breathes out oxygen! It’s deadly for aliens, but perfect for
humans. Lucky you! Quick! Take the second passage and rush to your shuttle! All that’s left to do is to come back to
Earth. And now you’re back in your own mind and have
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